Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What I Wore: For Pho!

It's been about 100 million degrees out lately (read: 90 and humid, awful in MN), so I've had to ditch my love of layers and leggings and sweaters and dress for the weather.

 First of all, I treated myself to these little Minnetonka Moccasin slip-ons and I'm in love. So comfortable, especially when I'm on my feet all day. The dress is Mustard Seed brand and the little crochet cardigan is a brand that I do not know, whoops! My necklace is an OLD Hot Topic goodie.

Also, there's nothing like enjoying the 90+ degree weather than a big bowl of pho! Yum~ I got out of work early yesterday, so my friend Britt and I ran over to the pho restaurant in town for a late lunch. The spicier the better.


  1. Cute outfit! Those moccasins look heavenly! I have been wanting a pair for some time. Love the Hello Kitty necklace.

  2. Cute dress and slip ons! It's been crazy hot lately. Feels like an oven >.<

    I really want pho now. Love it spicy!!

  3. I got a couple pairs of moccasins for work too and they're amaaazing!

    Ohh summer. I love it in some ways but I love my layers too. ;)


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