Friday, July 6, 2012

FINISHED PROJECT: Chibi Pikachu Amigurumi

Now, this is a finished project I am definitely extra-proud of! I made this pattern up to create my own cuuute little Pika plush. I hope you love it!

Crochet Pikachu

This little guy took about four-ish hours, but a lot of it was trial and error. I used Red Heart Super Saver for all of it, since I have a LOT of basic colors of that laying around from when I started crocheting. The body was the ~soft~ super saver. My favorite is his little button eyes!

I used an H-hook for the body and an F-hook for the ears and the cheeks. I found the little button eyes at Hobby Lobby, and used a black embroidery thread for the mouth. That took the longest.. I wanted his expression to be cute, but I don't have the most experience stitching on faces.

Pikachu Plush

Here he is, hanging out with his little friends. (I don't know what that little indent is on the side, it must be a shadow or weird angle.) Let me know what you think! I wonder if next time I make him, it goes a little quicker.. I'd love to have more and more and more!


  1. You did it..!! Wonderfull..:))b I like your blog so much and keep following..:))
    All best warm wishes to you...


    1. awww, thank you! <3 i really appreciate all your wonderful comments!

  2. Dawww it's so cute! I just want to squeeze it n.n

  3. Great job! He's so freaking cute!!! You should hang him from your purse or cell.!

  4. He's super adorable!!
    I love your new layout too. :)

  5. Wow cute Pikachu!
    You look like the twin sister of an old friend of mine, Fiona Peters-Rit. :p

  6. You have such patience! I love amigurimi but I usually just sew plushies instead because crocheting is so time consuming. Obviously worth it though, your pikachu is adorable!


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