Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Wanna Be The Very Best: My Pokemon Challenge

As you can tell by a few of my last posts, I've been feeling very Poke-y lately. There is so much talk about Black & White 2 that, even though the game doesn't come out until October, I'm getting pretty antsy. That's, like, three months away, though, so I had to come up with another plan to quench my Pokemon needs. A marathon!

This was partly inspired by Mark, who has been playing through the Metal Gear Solid games in order this summer. That sounds so fun, so why couldn't I do it? So, with help from the wonderful Kenny of PKMNcast fame, I decided on my games of each generation. I ended up picking the "third" versions, which (of the first three generations, at least) I haven't played. So, in order: Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum (which I've mostly beaten already..), and then, if I have time, finish up the endgame stuff I have left in B&W. Phew!

Mark and I had the first half of yesterday totally free, so we took a trip to the cities to find some used video game stores for the first three games I needed to pick up. At the first stop, High Score in Chaska, I was happy to see Yellow right away! It was $30, though, and a little dirty.. I was glad to see it, though, because it was a back-up. We left there and stopped at the other location in Shakopee. Yellow was there, too, priced at $35, and the guy who was working didn't even take a second to say hi to us as we walked in. After that, we went to a few Game Centrals (one in Eden Prairie and one in Southdale) and weren't too happy with the condition or prices of any games we found. I was getting a little nervous, though, because at all of these places, I didn't spot a single Crystal or Emerald..

Time was getting short and we had to make it back home soon for a family supper, but we had time for one more stop. Discland in Bloomington. I love that place - a record store, movie store, and used video game store all in one, mixed up with some incense-y stuff, pop culture toys, t-shirts, and body jewelry. The staff is always super friendly and it's just a fun place to walk around and look at stuff.

Driving to Discland
We walked in, were greeted right away, and I crouched down to flip through the super-clean looking Game Boy carts. First one I grabbed - Pokemon Yellow for $14.95. Right behind it? Two copies of Crystal for $25 each. I stood up to show Mark and when the cute girl working noticed what I had, she told me she had some more games up by the counter that had been on hold for a guy who ended up changing his mind. The game she pulled out was Emerald! What are the odds?! I was excited, but Emerald was another $25, and that was definitely way more than what I was planning on paying at once for these games. She told me that all used games were buy two, get one for $10 or less free.. Which I didn't qualify for.

Until she told me that she'd let me get away with getting Yellow for free! So.. all three games that I wanted, all for $50? I knew that I couldn't pass that up, especially since all the copies of Yellow that I had found already were at least $30 alone. I went for it, and walked out smiling, since our last stop definitely paid off.

My treasures!
Now I'm all set to get through as much Pokemon as I can before the new game comes out. I started Yellow today and I'm already one gym in.. I'm excited to work through Yellow, since the closest I've come to that first gen is the remake, FireRed. Mark is letting me borrow his SP for the first two, and then I'll bust out my Pink DS to finish up on Emerald. I am excited, to say the least!


  1. Ahh Pokemon Yellow is my favourite! Along with the gameboy TCG...ahh nostalgia!

    I used to love playing it with on the SNES with the highly underated gameboy cartridge thingy. No more sad eyes after playing for hours :)

  2. Pokemon yellow was pretty good. Man just seeing those games brings me back to the good ol' days! I ended up selling mine off to a pawn shop. I think I got like 20$ at the time for my whole collection. He prob ripped me off but I was old enough by that time that I hadn't touched my games in years. Now I wish I still had them.

    1. you shoulda kept em, man! you can find them again, i just know it :)

  3. So fun! I've never truly gotten into the Pokemon games, only remember watching my friends play ^^

  4. That's so awesome that you found them all! Meant to be. <3

  5. super exciting!!! this post inspired me to bust out my pokemon pearl and replay :)

  6. I can't believe you got all the pokemon games for only that much. Great score :)

  7. Crystal is my favorite -- good pick! I love how you can battle in the Johto and Kanto regions

  8. Dude! You totally should have told me, I have all three of those games just chilling out in my room. I finished them a while ago and haven't busted them out in a while. YOU've inspired me to pick up pokemon games again. Oh pokemon...Here I come!! You should catalogue your progress! Good luck!



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