Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What I Wore: Curly Girl in Grey Tones

I'm not thaaat good at doing my hair. When I decide to curl it (the, uh, most complicated thing I can do), I get about two curls in and am immediately no longer into the idea. Sometimes I want to just shower again so I don't have to curl the rest of my head. But, most of the time, I truck on through and do a mediocre job? Just kidding, it's alright - but I do forever envy the girls who have long luxurious locks that look so effortlessly curled every day. Yesterday, though? Mine wasn't so bad.

Felt like a nice and simple outfit - I looove my Alternative Apparel tank and my fake red Toms. My favorite, though, is the red bandana in my pocket that my lovely friend Klea bought for me because I didn't want to charge 80 cents on my debit card. My super goth necklace is Betsey Johnson.


  1. So cute! :3 I curled my hair yesterday for the first time in I can't remember when. I feel the same way, it always takes so long to do, and I'm never motivated to finish! I think curls like this look so cute on short hair. It's harder for girls with long hair to pull off spiral-esque curls, in my opinion.

  2. Love your cute curls and your lovely outfit x

  3. Hi my dear friend, First of all I am very appreciated that you visited my blog. Thank you very much and I am happy to meet you. I am following your very nice blog for a while and I try to learn good things from you and apply you sweet stlye..:))
    You are so cute and pretty with your casual wears and your natural curls..:))
    All best wishes...
    Thank you again and again..:))


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