Thursday, August 9, 2012

What I Wore: Mustard & Stripes

Hello~ Here's an outfit from the last week. I love my stripey shirt and I'm happy that it was cool enough that I could throw my lace cardigan on over it. My favorite piece, though (besides my matching striped flats) is my 6% dokidoki ring that I got from the actual store when I was in Japan. So cute, so glittery. I'm not the best at two finger rings, though. Do you wear them a lot? Do they bother you at all? I do have little chubby fingers, so hmm....


  1. Stripey shirt is cute!

    I think two finger rings would bother me and wouldn't stay on long haha

  2. Isn't mustard color the greatest? Especially with pink hair. It's like a match made in heaven :D

    And I'm absolutely in love with your ring.. I've never tried a two finger ring before!

  3. I just got a pair of jeans in that exact color and they make me so stoked every time I wear them. Where did you get that cardigan?

  4. Super cute! Love the mustard color on you. <3
    I haven't really worn two finger rings much, but they're pretty awesome. I could see how they'd get annoying after a while though.


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