Thursday, November 1, 2012

Adventure Time Happy Halloween: Maddy as Finn the Human

Okay, okay, okay. I KNOW that my very lovely, dear friend Kelly-Anne had the ultimate grand supreme Adventure Time family costume this year. (Check it out here, if you haven't seen it yet. It's been officially endorsed by AT, even!) BUUUUT - I did my part in honoring Adventure Time by dressing as Finn this year. I had to work all day and didn't really go out, but I love Halloween too much to not dress up at all, right?

Adventure Time Finn Costume

Work was fun, but very boring. I mostly ran around with my sword and took pictures with my coworkers all day. Here's me & one of my best gal's Klea as a Toddler in Tiara. (I told her she looked like a raver kid.)

I was under a little constraint due to our dress code, buuuut I think I did okay for a casual costume. I mean, Finn isn't too tough! I definitely took my own suggestion from my Outfits That'll Make You Say: Like, What? post with the hoodie and sneakers.

Sweet Emily was an awesome Day of the Dead skull and I had fun making her pose in creepy places around our store.

Girl Adventure Time Costume

I'm in my element!!


  1. awww, I love it! You make an awesome Finn!

  2. Ohh you seem so so sweet...:))) I like your photos...
    Happy happy days...

  3. I must see this show!!! Jen and I have heard amazing things about Adventure Time from some of our friends and you look ADORABLE!!! I just followed Kelly-Anne, she is wicked awesome!

  4. you are the most darling fin EVER <3

  5. So awesome! Love the last picture the most. <3

  6. You look sooooo great! Love this show,
    I hope you make more of these Adventure Time
    Just made 3 characters!


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