Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What I Wore to VOTE!

Election Day makes me feel about 100x more patriotic than any old 4th of July, and I definitely choose to dress as cheesy and literal as possible. Stars & Stripes - Red, White, & Blue!

I'm a little more than anxious today, so I'm going to lay on the couch, refresh Twitter, watch CNN, try to crochet, but mostly just fret and wait! For those who know me, my political views are preeettyyy, preeetty obvious - and if it gives you any clue, I did tear up a little while I showed my Minnesota Nice by VOTING NO TWICE. ♥

My voting trophy and my tiny little polling place in the country. I went at 10:30 this morning and I was voter number 78! Great great great!

What did you wear today? The colors of the flag? Slogan shirts? Comment and show me, I want to know!

(A note: please don't tweet or instagram pictures of your ballot - might be illegal and we don't want to lose any votes, now do we?)


  1. I was looking for something to hint at my political views. During the recall election here in WI I wore a shirt with a meteor on it that said "Nice Knowing You" (Although, while I thought I was being clever, Scott Walker is in fact....still our governor).

    Anyway, while I looked for a little bit for something patriotic or clever, I ended up just opting for something cozy. Brown turtleneck with a bunch of accessories crocheted by Yours Truly!

    Anyway. You look great! I hope things go well *Crossing fingers* :S

  2. I wore a blue tee, jeans, red Toms, and my I Voted sticker! ;)


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