Monday, August 27, 2012

FINISHED PROJECT: Thick & Quick Cowl

The other night I looked at the weather forecast and, in the midst of 88 and higher degree weather, I saw that the next day was actually supposed to be mid-70s and rainy all day. Perfect! A perfect day for a brand new, yummy, cosy cowl that I've been wanting to make. I had bought a few skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Charcoal and was itching to use it up. I ended up using this one plastic hook I have had for I don't know how long and I have no idea what it's size is - P? I think it's a P? Either way, I learned I don't care for crocheting with a plastic hooks...

I used this pattern here for the convertible cowl and it took maybe two hours tops. I used two full skeins, but if I had a third, I'd probably use that, too. I love it - it is so squishy because of the different stitches in different rows, and it hangs so nice when you wear it. Of course, at work - the rain all day made our store incredibly humid and I ended up taking it off within a minute and then sweating to death thanks to my sweater and boot wardrobe choices.

BONUS: Chester modeling my cowl-in-progress while I was taking a little break. Fashionable!
Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What I Wore: Pinks & Cupcakes & Coffee

I bought this pink dress quite a while ago (uh, March), but just got around to wearing it for the first time last week. It's really cute and flattering - there is a little open back with criss crossies, I don't know how to fashion blog that, but it's a sweet little peekaboo. Do you like my big old bag and my huge handful of keys? I especially love the poof my hair has been doing lately and my Twinkie Chan cupcake scarf! I got the pattern from her wonderful book and test drove the scarf before I gifted it to my good friend Lyra later that night.

My next favorite part is my daily delicious iced-americano-with-half-shot-white-chocolate-and-half-shot-mint-(or-sometimes-almond) from Caribou. Tasty! Here is a little self affirmation quote that I saw at Caribou earlier this morning:

"I am a princess and I will marry a prince some day." Bad ass!
Thursday, August 9, 2012

What I Wore: Mustard & Stripes

Hello~ Here's an outfit from the last week. I love my stripey shirt and I'm happy that it was cool enough that I could throw my lace cardigan on over it. My favorite piece, though (besides my matching striped flats) is my 6% dokidoki ring that I got from the actual store when I was in Japan. So cute, so glittery. I'm not the best at two finger rings, though. Do you wear them a lot? Do they bother you at all? I do have little chubby fingers, so hmm....
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