Saturday, September 29, 2012

FINISHED PROJECT: Shell Wrist Warmers

crochet wrist warmer

Here is an example of a project that looks way more complicated than it actually is! I made these gloves in maybe less than five hours all together - and that includes starting a few times to get the right number of chains to fit my hand, as well as figuring out the not-so-clear chart that this pattern is written with. I used the DROPS crochet wrist warmer pattern, Patons Kroy Socks yarn in their copper colors mix, and I thiiink an F hook. I should really start writing the details down again.

Like I said, the pattern isn't the most clear, but once you get the idea of it, the shells work up super fast. I was surprised by all the loose chain-lengths, and thought it was going to look funny, but it all worked out in the end.

mall of america boba tea

I like these wrist warmers because they are just that - they sit on your wrist, leaving your entire hand free for typing, doing other crafts, or holding a delicious bubble tea from the Tea Garden at the MOA. (That was delicious, by the way.) HOWEVER, because of all of those loose chain-lengths I mentioned, there are pleeennttyyy of openings large enough for a thumb if you do want to make it more mitt-like. I do that in the morning when I drive to work and I don't want my delicate little paws to come into contact with the chilly steering wheel. Brr~

I'd love to make more of these in different colors! These look cool because the yarn I used changed color on it's own, but I think it'd look neat to make it totally ombre with a new lighter color every new shell round. I think that would take quite a bit longer than my first time, though, to switch the colors. With this yarn and hook size, each round was only four shells long.
Saturday, September 15, 2012


Look at me, I'm just whipping these projects out left and right. (Kind of.) I've been working on these squares for WHATEVER LONG, don't worry about it, but then I realized I had twenty-some and that could be a cute bag, right? RIGHT. It is a cute bag.

I made 22 basic granny squares (three rounds) using this really cuuute variegated yarn I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby. Sorry not sorry that I threw away the wrapper, soo I don't know what yarn it is. :| But it is cute. And then I used brown Bamboo Spun (I think this is secretly Hobby Lobby brand) yarn as the border and strap. I kind of just made it up as I went as far as the strap went and I think it went alright. Cute little bag!
Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall is Coming to the Farm

I got home from work the other day and, before I went inside, decided to explore the farm a little. I've lived out here for a few years but haven't walked around the back all that much. There was such a crisp nice breeze and the sun was just going down, so I couldn't resist!

How cute is this door?! (How Pinterest...) I love the scallop edging on the window so so much. Dreams of removing the door and setting up in a room, repainting it and adding little hooks under the window. This is on a little shed that Mark's grandpa used for an office on the farm property. I love it.

There are so many awesome pieces of old farm equipment all over. Abandoned machines in the woods, overgrown tools and stuff; it's really fun to look around and annoy Mark with hundreds of "what's that for?"s.

And a perk beside all the picture-perfect moments in my backyard? Free sweet corn! Mark's dad gave me the go-ahead on snagging myself a few ears of sweet corn and I definitely took advantage of that. Last night after I got home, I wandered over to the sweet corn field, grabbed some ears off of the stalk, and sat on the stoop with a PBR to shuck the cobs. Delicious!
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