Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby's First Blazer

I can't be the only one that doesn't know how to wear a blazer. I see so many pins, magazine ads, girls in the mall all featuring cute girls with fitted-yet-oh-so-slouchy blazers who can pull it off so easily. I try on a blazer aaand I feel like a little kid playing in her mom's closet. HOWEVER - that time is ended. I've finally found a blazer I can confidently add to my wardrobe. Thank god, so far 2013 had been a bust.

cute blazers

To wear a blazer, I knew that I had to keep my style the way I like it as to not totally feel out of place. Enter: a neon blue comfy cozy sweatshirt. Obviously. It's not too dressy - a button up would be weird - I'd also wear it with a cute over-sized t-shirt, probably Misfits or Guns n Roses or something of the sort. I think I'm going to try it over a cute sundress tomorrow, layered with another plain sweater. We'll see?

And, as always, my trust combats at my side. Pardon the Cheez-Its. Also: what would I do without my Doraemon watch? And one last thing, the reason why my nails look white:

essie nail stickers

My new Essie nail stickers! They were soo cute, buuuut - only while they lasted. These guys were $9.99 at Target and looked great when they were one, but barely even lasted a week. I've had better luck with Sally Hansen. Maybe I'm too rough on my nails and working retail, digging coins all day, isn't the best for nails? Either way, $9.99 is a little high for only lasting 5 or so good days. What do you think? Have you tried?


  1. I can't get into blazers. I think they look adorable on other people, or edgy depending on the outfit, but they're not my thing. I'm more of a cute/colorful/edgy hoodie type. Big enough to cuddle in, but fitted enough to not be baggy. That's my preferred layering. ;)

    I really love the stickers, haven't tried them yet but have seen 'em around. $9.99 is a little steep for me though, since they only last a sort amount of time. :/

  2. I'm with you! The blazers that I don't feel weird wearing are few and far between. It's usually because it looks strange when I leave it unbuttoned because of the bustiness. That one's completely adorable though. Well done. ;)

  3. This is adorable! I myself looovee blazers, but I'm too poor to build my collection of them.. :(

  4. It looks pretty! I love the look of blazers.. but it looks odd on me. I like yours! Seems like my style :D

  5. Very nice! And the lace nails are pretty! But I tried that brand too & they kinda suck compared to Sally Hansen.

  6. I love your style!
    You look great in everything!

  7. You can find Essie nail wraps/stickers at Dollar Tree.

  8. You can find Essie nail wraps/stickers at Dollar Tree.


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