Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some Christmas Goodies

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas season and a great New Year. I definitely had a busy season, and, even though I have a nasty cold right now, I am ready for 2013 to be underway. Before we start into the New Year, I want to share some of the Christmas goodies I got this season!

Me with my new Finn backpack and Jake stuffed animal & blanket. 


Four new crafting books; I'm especially excited for the connecting granny squares book. I have her book about motifs, so I know that I'll love it. 

Chester photo bombing my two new Too Faced palettes; Romantic Eye & my prized possession, Shadow Bon Bons, the Christmas themed set. 

I gifted myself that gingerbread girl hairclip, but the sweater was so perfect for me that TWO people gave it to me as a gift! My mom and my coworker. I love it! 

Mark was lovely enough to pick up the Onch Movement Hello Kitty Forever pretzel necklace from Forever 21. So cute.

Markie did great with this, too; the cutest little heart patterned cardigan from Forever 21. I love it! 

And last but not least, TWO awesome figures from Mark. A bendy Finn with a changeable face, and - I am SO EXCITED about this - a Revoltech Gamera Figure! How beautiful is he? I might just have to make an entire post about him.. :')


  1. So many goodies! I love Adventure time :O and that fox sweater. Cute!

  2. where did you get the fox sweater?? I saw someone else wearing it and I want it so bad!!!

  3. The fox sweater and heart cardigan are my favorite!! So cute.
    The Finn backpack is pretty darn sweet too. ;)


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