Saturday, January 5, 2013

What I Wore: Layers & Spikes, a Winter Uniform

Cold weather means layers, which means I'm a happy girl. I love getting dressed and then putting more on. And then some more. Here's a pretty common looking outfit from my winter wardrobe.

Knee High Socks: always over black leggings, sometimes paired with another set of legwarmers over the top. Provides maximum leg warmth for the girl who doesn't care to wear long underwear under jeans for the entire season.
Summer Dress & Then Some: Just because there is snow on the ground doesn't mean that I want to give up my sundresses. What do I do? ADD TO IT! A cute crew sweater, a belted long cardigan, add another skirt under for maximum length. Suddenly, the sleeveless dress is oh-so-appropriate for the weather.
Scarves on Scarves: This outfit is actually an exception to my uniform, as I usually wear two at once, but I felt the size of the scarf was decent to be worn alone. Scarves should be able to double as FUNCTIONAL and FASHIONABLE; keeping you warm outside but not driving you crazy when you're indoors. Huge pashminas do the trick - this mint color helps, a hint of spring but still Christmas-y. Perfect, no? 
BIG OLD BOOTS: See below!

Yum yum yummy! These spike-toed combats are the most delicious brown color, and, thanks to my lack of caring about matching colors, they go so perfectly with all my outfits. Tuck some skinnies in there? OK! Match em up with some lacy socks and a frilly skirt? Of course. They're comfy and extra-sweet when they're left untied. Pow!


  1. Where did you get the boots? I love them!

  2. I looovee the socks you're wearing in the first picture, and the hemline of your dress/skirt?! DIVINE. <3


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