Monday, January 14, 2013

What I Wore: Studs & Stripes

Hello! Last week it was so warm in MN (I'm talking like upper 30s and low 40s), so I decided to be inspired by the sunshine and wear a bright outfit.

It was so nice that Emily & I ran outside to take the picture!

My cute three-layer socks are from a shop in Shibuya at Shibuya 109. I regret not going there more than once, and not going alone - the only time I was in Shibuya this last trip was with Mark and one of his friends - it was lots of fun, but I felt bad going through each shop in the 8 story high shopping mall with two guys. Next time!

I was also excited to get a new bag! I had been eying some pretty expensive ones at that were so cute, but I couldn't bring myself to splurging on a new purse. I had plans to check out TJ Maxx after work, buuuut - I had gone to Target for some snacks for lunch and saw this beauty for $17! I love it.

Now it's back to sub-15 degree temperatures and my outfits don't seem as bright. I was lucky to get a long weekend - we went to the Twin Cities one day, but the rest of my time off has been cuddled inside on the couch with Markie, the kitties, and, of course, the professor.


  1. Whoo, yellow! Love those boots too. :3

  2. Your hair looks adorable. Love this outfit.


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