Tuesday, April 23, 2013


There are some days when you spend hours crawling through Ravelry trying to find the one actual project that you just actually want to do. A bag? Another scarf? Mitts? Usually I don't know WHAT I want to make, but I figure that Ravelry will show me the way.

And then there are some days Ravelry shows me nothing and I just pick up my hook and see what happens.

crochet white bunny

I pulled out my sweetest pinks and creams and bunny browns of Vanna's Choice I had lying in my stash and whipped together a sweet little baby rabbit. She's not quite amigurumi, but she has a little depth to her. I made two discs for her head and stuffed it a little before sewing it together.

cute crochet bunny

Little bunny assembly line. I also feel like I go faster when I make all the parts at the same time - this is what I do for granny squares, too. All the heads, then all the ears, and then sew all the faces...

pink crochet bunny

I made a pink one, too! I like her cute little cream sleepy eyes.

I ended up making five or six of the bunnies, some a third of this size. Right now they're all together in a little bag, I don't know what to do with them! My thoughts:
  • Sew them on top of fingerless mitts
  • Attach the ears to a chain for a rabbit necklace
  • Make more and create a bunting of bunnies for above my kitchen sink
  • Glue to a headband
  • Attach a magnet or pin on the back
All in all, I'm proud of my little pattern creation. What would you do with these bunnies? 


  1. Headbands would be so cute!

  2. These look so cute! The bunting idea sounds adorable. They would also make hair clips too x

    1. Thank you! Bunting or a little mobile to hang in a corner :3

  3. Omg! they are so cute. I would put a little clip on the back and clip them onto sneaker tops. :)


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