Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lady Gaga, Anika, & Me

Back on February 6th, I had an awesome day in which seeing a Lady Gaga concert was the SECOND best thing that happened to me.

After years and years (let's say 8+) of chatting, texting, calling, emailing, and building forts together via AIM, my glorious online-BFF Anika and I finally met face to face. At a Lady Gaga concert. Naturally.

Anika was in town for business for only a few days and we knew we had to meet up no matter what. That no matter what turned out to be a Gaga concert! I had tickets already to go with my baby sister, Ellen, and through some quick Ticketmaster work, Anika secured herself a ticket, too. The truest YOLO.

Bear in mind, we only knew this was going to happen less than a week before the concert! I barely had any time to process that I was going to meet up with Anika for the first time AND see Lady Gaga at the Born This Way Ball. What a life, right? So, Ellen, our friend, Adri, and I made our way to St. Paul after getting ready for the concert.

My outfit! Dress, bag, and tights are Forever 21. Ruffle socks are from a shop in Japan. Boots are SODA brand. Headband is from eBay. My vision was ice queen. My lovely friend Emily bleached and dyed my hair all frigid white the week before, which was awesome, minus the part when my scalp was a boiled ham.

Ellie and me on the left, what a beautiful sister! And on the right is Adri, of MeowCowKitty, and me showing our teeth. We got to the concert, ran inside where it was warm, and waited for our friends! After a little while, I got the call - Anika was there! We found each other and it was like seeing my good friend, not like meeting someone in person for the first time. We hugged and giggled, got some drinks, and all of us - Anika, Ellen, Adri, her friend Amy, and me all went to find a spot. Anika had different seats then us, and so did Adri and Amy - BUT, by the loving power of Lady Gaga, we found a row and worked our little magic to sit next to each other for the entire concert. Maaagic.

This is Anika and me experiencing the magic of Lady Gaga. Can you tell? 

Hours of dancing and singing later, the concert was over and we had to part ways. A few days (maybe!) later, Lady Gaga had to postpone future tour dates because of an injury, so we really lucked out in getting to go. The concert itself was pretty amazing, of course. It was my second time seeing her and it was just as much fun as the first - her sets and costumes are always amazing. My favorite songs were Highway Unicorn and SCHEISSE.

My baby Ellen and me at the concert, thanks to Anika's Instax - I want one!

I was so happy to spend such a fun night with my sissy, and I was soo happy to get a chance to meet my lovely Anika. I hope to see her soon again!


  1. Aww love youuu!! <3 and this entry! That was SO much fun. Highlight of that whole show for me, clearly. :)

    & I think everyone can tell we're experiencing the magic!! haha


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