Friday, April 26, 2013

Ramen, Frosty Lakes, & Taro Boba

Earlier in the month, Markie & I took a little trip to the cities for no reason, really. When we both have the day off, we get a little cabin fever-y and usually just go screw around the lower metro.

First things first, we had to get yummies at our favorite restaurant in the Mall of America - MASU! Delicious pork belly ramen complete with a Kirin (me) and PBR (Mark). The owner is so nice - he recognized me from Twitter the first time we came in! I'd love to visit their Minneapolis location, since I think they have more adventurous items on the menu, like our favorite chicken liver skewer robata.

We stumbled out, ramen-drunk, and I wanted to get some bubble tea at the store I've never been. I've had boba from the Tea Garden at the Mall of America before and loved it, but wanted to try Chatime. I got the taro flavored milk tea and I liked it! However, I was craving Royal Milk Tea & they did not have that. Bum!

We left the mega mall and made our way over to Southdale in Edina, the first indoor mall in the US! They just remodeled their food court area, and I like the lighting fixtures in there! THey're kind of giving the inside a face job and have a lot of fun stores in there - Sephora, H&M, Madewell, Francescas.. 

I took advantage of the new full length mirrors in the Southdale bathrooms and snapped this outfit selfie. This dress is from delia*s (I love writing it like that) and it is old! And XS?! It's so cute and I'm glad I dug it out of the back of my closet that day, because it was really comfy, too. Like a thicker rayon material - silky enough to be cute, flowy, and comfy, but thick enough to not be clingy. Perf.

Before we headed home, we swung over to the Centennial Lakes park by Southdale and took a walk around half of the lakes. This picture makes it look FREEZING, but this was early April and maybe .. in the 40s? I was fine with a thick hoodie & scarf, but I was also glad we only took half a walk around. This place is so cute in the summer - there are gondolas, a hedge maze, and croquet! I'd love to work in one of the office buildings around the park and gaze down on the cute lakes while I was bored at work at my desk..

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  1. Cha time bubble tea just opened here. I haven't been yet either. I think I may pay them a visit after reading this post.


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