Sunday, April 28, 2013

What I Wore: With Bunny Ears on Top

A few months back, I was walking around Michael's and they had JUST put their Easter goodies out. I spotted these pink, sequined bunny ear clips and I knew I had to have them. Finally, Easter rolled around and I pulled these little guys out of their package and attempted to stick them on my head. Ear shaped clips are a little tough - the way they sat all day...? I kind of looked like a goat. But that's cute, too, right?

Our store was open, but as you would guess - a retail store by a closed mall on Easter Sunday was not all that busy. That gave Alisha and I plenty of time to take selfies in the mirror, though. How cute is Alisha?!

We also spent some time peeking out the window, waiting for shoppers and trying to figure out if Barnes and Noble was open. (It was. And it was busy?!)

I finally got to leave work around three and headed over to my parents for grilled Easter dinner! Steak, asparagus, and I brought the pasta salad! :9

My beautiful sisters and I! Looks like we planned our outfits. Cuuuute! My dress is CALS brand, tights are Forever 21, boots are SODA, and my chambray is MINE brand. Ears are Michael's, and the scarf is from heartbreaker.


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