Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Yoga Energy Boost Perfect For a Day Off

It's Saturday! And I actually have the day off like the rest of the world. Or that's what it seems like when I'm putting in my usual retail Saturday shift. I had a lazy morning, but I didn't feel guilty because I found some awesome YouTube videos for yoga in my living room.

I did a class-length video for hip flexibility and then I found this awesome 17-minute long routine: Morning Wake-up/Evening Energy Boost. I loved it! It was definitely intermediate level, since she didn't take too long explaining the common poses (downward dog, warrior I, warrior II, and so on) and she included some new, harder poses I've never tried!

The instructor Tara goes really fast, so the 17 minutes fly by and your heart rate is up immediately. It definitely was an energy boost. Doing this video was the first time that I've tried the camel pose and it was hard! I can't wait to do this routine more and more so that part isn't so hard.

Enjoy! Let me know if you like it, too!

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  1. !!! This is the second yoga vid I've found while reading my favorite bloggers' posts today and I have liked 'tis on YouTube! Thank you for sharing, this looks incredible.

    I am specifically targeting my lower back and hip area. I was hit by a car back in 2012, while walking, and suffered a broken tailbone which still is tender, and I have bad lower back pain. I also have "click-y" hips, such as if I am lying on my back and go to move, they click and I hate that. So I am working on my lower body, and also in removing tension from my shoulders.

    All in all, thank you again!


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