Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hey! Remember that really cute yoga mat bag that I talked about in the summer crochet projects entry? I made it! It was easy and fun, sooo you should all make it, too.

crochet yoga mat bag

To make the spiral ladder yoga bag, I used an I-Hook and the same Red Heart turquoise yarn I used in my chevron scarf. I like the yarn I picked, buuuut - the pattern called for an 100% cotton yarn, which I kind of want to try next time instead of acrylic. Maybe it'd be a little more sturdy, but this isn't so bad either.

The project took me less than a day and was really easy to figure out once I got started! Definitely a fun, mindless, hook while you watch tv, kind of project. I want to make more more more!


  1. SO pretty, I adore that color. <3

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