Saturday, May 4, 2013

Free Summer Crochet Patterns

If you have anyone from the Midwest on your Twitter or Facebook friend list, I'm sure you've heard complaining that our winter is never ending. That's right, it's May and parts of my state got ten inches of snow a few days ago. It feels like summer will never come, buuuut - it will. The cold weather has me in a crochet-y mood, but I don't want to start any cold weather projects, because by the time I finish, it'll be too warm for a new scarf or pair of hand warmers. Here are some projects I've found (that are free!) for some warm weather crocheting. Enjoy!

crochet sundress

I think I've started this project twice so far, but this summer I'm determined to actually finish it. My problem is that I am awful at spending time making gauge swatches. I think this little dress is adorable; it would be cute as a true cover-up over a swimsuit or over a long cami as just a summer dress. 

crochet flower bunting

I always see 3D flower motifs used in granny square afghans and scarves, but I don't have the patience to make a full sized blanket. So this bunting is perfect for me! I think it is so cute and I love how it looks draped like that. It'd be extra cute with a little button in the middle of each flower? 

crochet beach bag pattern

A big bag! Yes! Perfect for lugging to the beach, dance class, farmer's market, anything! I want it now!!

crochet skull shawl pattern

Alright, I said no scarves, but this shawl is very lacy light AND IT'S SKULLS? I have tried to find cool skull motifs forever, and never can - hopefully this is it? It looks like kind of a lot of look, but pretty dang cute. 

cute crochet yoga bag

Way cute. Now all I need to learn is how to roll my yoga bag perfectly nice every time to fit into a bag like that.

twinkie chan tissue cozy

RIGHT? My girl Twinkie Chan has done it again. She made this free pattern for and its basically the most perfect thing ever. I want to make it right now. RIGHT NOWWWWW.  


  1. I think the tissue cover is so cute ... the pattern does not give instructions for the strawberries ... :-/

  2. Oh, and the South Beach Cover Up is a 404 page now ... :-(


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