Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Yoga Energy Boost Perfect For a Day Off

It's Saturday! And I actually have the day off like the rest of the world. Or that's what it seems like when I'm putting in my usual retail Saturday shift. I had a lazy morning, but I didn't feel guilty because I found some awesome YouTube videos for yoga in my living room.

I did a class-length video for hip flexibility and then I found this awesome 17-minute long routine: Morning Wake-up/Evening Energy Boost. I loved it! It was definitely intermediate level, since she didn't take too long explaining the common poses (downward dog, warrior I, warrior II, and so on) and she included some new, harder poses I've never tried!

The instructor Tara goes really fast, so the 17 minutes fly by and your heart rate is up immediately. It definitely was an energy boost. Doing this video was the first time that I've tried the camel pose and it was hard! I can't wait to do this routine more and more so that part isn't so hard.

Enjoy! Let me know if you like it, too!
Thursday, May 16, 2013

App Review: A Beautiful Mess

It's here! The new photo editing app from the owners of the A Beautiful Mess blog. Obviously, I love it.

a beautiful mess app

The app is only a dollar, available just for iPhones (sorry Androids!), and is basically the most fun ever. Tons of super sweet borders, doodles and designs, and cute fonts to play with until your picture is post-perfect. I have spent probably hours already going through everything on there.

One of the things that I really love about the app is how you can edit the filters. We all know how to slap an Instagram filter on a picture and call it a day. While the ABM app has far fewer actual filters to choose from, you have way more control on how your picture looks. You have the option to edit the contrast, brightness, and opacity. Fun!

cute photo editing app

Another really cool feature is the inclusion of tons of cute backgrounds for placing text over. This is great just for little notes you'd want to post online or even secret little love letters to text to your friends!

The only few things that I wish were different are:
  • An undo button! Once you place something, it is there for good! I like to use the trail-and-error approach with adding deco to my pictures. For this, I have to completely start over.. 
  • Ability to re-size borders. All the doodles, text, and phrases can be re-sized, twisted around, and placed however you want. The borders can be rotated, too, but you can't make it any bigger or smaller. It isn't the biggest deal, but sometimes that cute little flower wreath isn't large enough to fit around Chester's massive kitty tummy!

The app has only been out for like a DAY, seriously, so these two points aren't so much pushy, just suggestions for the next update of the application.

There are many in-game purchases for the editing categories (all for another 99 cents), and I've already downloaded three of the add-on packs. There are more cute phrases, fonts, backgrounds, borders, and doodles. However, if you don't want to go over a buck on your budget, the features included in the original download are more than enough to have fun and make cuuuute pictures.

Here are some of my creations.

cute wrist candy

My bracelet collection today. Spikes, bow, and beige studded wrap all from heartbreaker; watch from eBay, and skulls from Charlotte Russe (as well as my dress)!

white shirt fashion

Delicate new shirt! White is a scary color, and so is having intricate little laser cutouts on my woven top. We'll see how long this guy lasts in my clumsy world. I love it, though! (The little faded flowers on the border are from a different app: Snapeee, which I haven't totally figured out yet. Next review will be that!)

spiked bracelet

My not-quite-crazy arm decorations from a few days ago. 

shinjuku tokyo

Playing with layering the doodles and text with an old picture on my phone from my trip to Japan last year. I love that fish building and I love Shinjuku!

I definitely recommend this app! Download it now, post your pics on Instagram, and tag #ABMapp to see everyone else's art. And add me on Instagram, why don't ya! I'm maddysaurus.
Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hey! Remember that really cute yoga mat bag that I talked about in the summer crochet projects entry? I made it! It was easy and fun, sooo you should all make it, too.

crochet yoga mat bag

To make the spiral ladder yoga bag, I used an I-Hook and the same Red Heart turquoise yarn I used in my chevron scarf. I like the yarn I picked, buuuut - the pattern called for an 100% cotton yarn, which I kind of want to try next time instead of acrylic. Maybe it'd be a little more sturdy, but this isn't so bad either.

The project took me less than a day and was really easy to figure out once I got started! Definitely a fun, mindless, hook while you watch tv, kind of project. I want to make more more more!
Friday, May 10, 2013

eBay Goodies

I've gone a little eBay crazy lately. It must be from all the years where I completely ignored the site -- I didn't get it, I didn't like bidding, I couldn't find anything. Well, now there's the eBay iPhone app and it's now a little dangerous. I love buying it now! I love finding cheap cheap cheap deals and I love noooooooooo shipping. Here are some of the goodies I've found recently.

These are my two most recent finds! A studded wrap watch (which I really need to get used to using - NON-DIGITAL!) and a super glittery iPhone screen protector. I love them.

Sweet ombre tights that I bought at a party, whoooops! The eBay app is dangerous in the way that it pops up when your watched items are ending. Well, these were ending so I got them!

Lovely Tony Moly bunny lipstick. If there is one thing eBay has gotten me obsessed with, it's Tony Moly makeup products. Just plug that brand name in and you'll see all the cute items pop up - bunnies, kitties, pretty shades, yummy colors! Do it!

Pearl kitty ears headband! I've spotted this on both Kelly from TinyTangerines' Instagram and Gala Darling herself. I wore them to Lady Gaga.

Baby arkapasso keychain that I love to stare at because she's so cute. She came in the cuuuutest package with some extras and a sweet letter. Yay, I love eBay!

Kitty knee tights! Everyone thought these were just drawings on my legs... I want more tattoo tights, too. They are easy to find on eBay, that's for sure.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

FINISHED PROJECT: Crochet Chevron Scarf

I made a long yummy scarf! All I wanted all winter long was a long long scarf that I could wrap around twice and still have hang way past my waist. Well, I did it, and it is May. So.. whatever. Do you love it?

I used this free crochet chevron pattern by the famous Lucy of Attic24 - the ripple pattern is for an afghan, but I modified it to be for a scarf! I didn't even do a full W of the chevron as she shows in her example - just a V! I didn't want it to be too thick, otherwise it would not be comfortable to wear double-wrapped around my neck.

I used all Red Heart Super Saver yarn for this guy in Aran, Turquoise, aaand a dark grey, lost the wrap, whoops! Plus an I-hook. It really only took me two, maybe three decent sittings. The worst was having to weave in each end..

Here is before I added the fringe - I am glad I did! It took maybe six or seven minutes, and it added another good chunk of length to either side. I also like it because the starting end of the scarf was a V shape, while the last stripe ended with a ^ shape -- the fringe equaled that out!
Sunday, May 5, 2013

Flower Girl: Fashion Inspiration and DIY Crafts

I might be biased since they are my namesake, but I love flowers. But, who doesn't? This sunny weather has me itching for floral everything - on my clothes and in my crafts. Here are some flowery fashion inspirations and DIY projects.

floral halter dress

My newest retro floral halter dress - all I need are some victory rolls and I'm ready for a pin-up summer.

paper punch flower DIY

This paper punch flowers tutorial made me run out to Hobby Lobby and buy a paper punch! How have I gone this long without one?!

how-to make felt flowers

Although it is a little pricey for an online tutorial, these beautiful felt flowers seem worth every penny. I would love to see them on a cardigan, a headband or hair clip, glued to a pony and worn with a little bun, attached to your purse, anything! Mmmm, cute.

crochet mollie flowers tutorial

Crochet Mollie flowers are one of my favorite little things. I get obsessed and make dozens of them, but I haven't done anything with them yet..

flower wreath headband

My hunny bunny Kelly-Anne's DIY Floral Crown tutorial on Tiny Tangerines is classic. How pretty is she, by the way?

flower combat boots

floral print tights

french knot flowers

I think embroidered flowers are the cutest ever. Here is a french knot tutorial to make all the beautiful flowers you want.

floral french tip manicure

ikea floral bedspread

This floral duvet cover and pillowcase set from Ikea is so pretty, buuuut that might be Instagram's influence on me.

yankee candle lavender vanilla
I've been going through a Yankee Candle craze lately (another Instagram influence?) and bought quite a few little votive candles when they were on sale for a dollar. This was my favorite! Yum yum, I just love lavender.

Any photo that is unsourced was found on Pinterest with a source of Tumblr -- contact me if it is yours and I'll be happy to link to you!
Saturday, May 4, 2013

Free Summer Crochet Patterns

If you have anyone from the Midwest on your Twitter or Facebook friend list, I'm sure you've heard complaining that our winter is never ending. That's right, it's May and parts of my state got ten inches of snow a few days ago. It feels like summer will never come, buuuut - it will. The cold weather has me in a crochet-y mood, but I don't want to start any cold weather projects, because by the time I finish, it'll be too warm for a new scarf or pair of hand warmers. Here are some projects I've found (that are free!) for some warm weather crocheting. Enjoy!

crochet sundress

I think I've started this project twice so far, but this summer I'm determined to actually finish it. My problem is that I am awful at spending time making gauge swatches. I think this little dress is adorable; it would be cute as a true cover-up over a swimsuit or over a long cami as just a summer dress. 

crochet flower bunting

I always see 3D flower motifs used in granny square afghans and scarves, but I don't have the patience to make a full sized blanket. So this bunting is perfect for me! I think it is so cute and I love how it looks draped like that. It'd be extra cute with a little button in the middle of each flower? 

crochet beach bag pattern

A big bag! Yes! Perfect for lugging to the beach, dance class, farmer's market, anything! I want it now!!

crochet skull shawl pattern

Alright, I said no scarves, but this shawl is very lacy light AND IT'S SKULLS? I have tried to find cool skull motifs forever, and never can - hopefully this is it? It looks like kind of a lot of look, but pretty dang cute. 

cute crochet yoga bag

Way cute. Now all I need to learn is how to roll my yoga bag perfectly nice every time to fit into a bag like that.

twinkie chan tissue cozy

RIGHT? My girl Twinkie Chan has done it again. She made this free pattern for and its basically the most perfect thing ever. I want to make it right now. RIGHT NOWWWWW.  
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