Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Filofax - An Introduction

I've always been obsessed with planners. I was a moleskine girl all through college (as well as a little bit after that), but in the past few years I upgraded to a Filofax. My cherry red personal sized organizer holds pretty much everything I need to keep track of my daily life. However, just writing my work schedule on the inserts that came with my Filofax has not been enough. I've been spending a liiiittle too much time on Instagram (daily browsing of the tags #filofax, #filofaxlove, #filofaxaddict to name a few) and a liiiiiittle more too much time screwing around on Pinterest and I've been peer pressured. I decided to up my planner game. I just need to.

Of course, my Filofax really WASN'T big enough to hold everything I need - so I took a tip from some Filofax blogs (I know, I know - I've gone down the rabbit hole on this one) and ordered myself a passport holder off of eBay for less than $5 to keep all my crafty items that I'll use to decorate my planner.

A few shots from the inside of my planner -- nothing too exciting yet, since I just making this guy pretty.  I do love the inserts that I printed (thanks to Inside the Crafter's Studio). I loved how simple they were and I wanted a week-on-two-page layout, compared to the week-on-one-page layout I had been using. The only thing is that I had to go through and change all the days so that it would be a Sunday-start week, but it didn't take all that long, especially since I was just starting in August. It was also a great excuse to use the portable 6-hole punch that I bought, too. 

The glitter dividers were inspired by a pin I saw; I just used glitter cardstock from the scrapbook section of Michael's. My bachelorette party isn't until October, but I was excited to mark it off in my book.

Here is the inside of my already-stuffed craft case. The passport holder is great because of all the little pockets, zippers, and flaps to hang stuff from. My sad little washi collection (polka dot from Target, strawberry from a shop in Koenji, Little Twin Stars from Twinkie Chan!) -- I wish it was a bigger collection, but every time I see the tape in stores or I go to Etsy, I just cannot pick. Too many choices.. Also, there are some cute colored Sharpie pens from Target. No-bleed, perfect!

The top two frames are some goodies I just picked up from Target, and below are some cute Rilakkuma papers and stickers I got in a package from Japan when I ordered an Arpakasso plush on eBay. I wish I had more more more of those little papers because I think they'd make perfect to-do list notes to tape onto my pages. A lot cuter than a plain post-it, right?

Lastly, THEEE cutest stickers I found at Target today. A huge sheet of both of these for only 99 cents each. Those little woodland creatures, I just can't! That big old sucker with a little old hat on. PERFECT. I love these. I never want to use them because they are so perfect.

So what do you think? What do you use to keep your daily life organized? Do you write notes on your hand or do you keep a perfectly adorable planner of scrapbooking proportions? Let me know, I wanna see!

For more organizer porn, check out Inside the Crafter's Studio and my new favorite site,
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