Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmastime at MeMaDonna

As most people know, I love Christmas. Mark and I both do - that's why we chose to get married right after the holiday. We love how festive and pretty and happy everything is. This Christmas was a little different than other years, since it was crunch time for the wedding (it was on the 4th!), but we definitely got to enjoy it as much as possible.

reindeer antler cats

This was on Christmas day - I tried so hard not to torture the kitties with those antlers ever since we unpacked them with all the rest of the Christmas decorations, buuuuut - the holiday spirit got the best of me. Chester seems to have accepted his fate, but Sonny is not happy about his headpiece.

vintage bird christmas ornaments

christmas tree lights

big christmas trees

fuzzy bath and body works socks

These little lamby/sheep socks are amazing. They were from Bath & Body Works and they are the only socks I've ever wanted to wear inside and even - gasp! - to bed. They're shea butter infused, so they're mega soft, and they have cute little stickies on the bottom so I don't slip in the kitchen. 

minnesota holidazzle

 Mark and I made it to the last season of the Minnesota Holidazzle Parade! I am so sad that they decided this is the last year of it. It's a huge Minneapolis tradition, but it's also a tradition that is special to us. I had never been to the parade before until our first Christmas together, and we've been to the parade every year since. It's definitely a rite of passage to stand outside for an hour in the Minnesota winter night air to watch the floats go by. At least you can get some lobster bisque from the Macy's marketplace afterward, though.

wrecking ball tree topper

Our wonderful tree topper at work.

urban decay naked3

cute wrapped christmas presents

I had so much fun wrapping presents this year. I bought this paper at Target and I fell in love. After I ran out of that big blue ribbon, I substituted in some black yarn. 

christmas kandi

snowflake sugar cookies

How awesome do these cookies look? Mark's sister made them for Christmas - the best sugar cookies I've ever had, plus the cutest sparkly edible glitter spray on top. They were so tiny and delicate!
christmas video games
And this one is from just yesterday. We've been stuck inside every since the morning after the wedding. It's been averaging about, ooooh, -30 to -50 degree windchills in Minnesota, so we're enjoying our newlywed status bundled up with video games, coffee, kitties, and each other.

As more and more pictures roll in from the wedding, you can be sure that I'll start posting them here. It went great!

xoxo, MaDonna


  1. Congrats!! I cannot wait to see some pictures from the wedding!

  2. ah, your holiday seems so wonderful! i bet you love that naked3, my friend adores it!

    lindsey louise



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