Friday, January 10, 2014

Cute Dollar Paper Goodies at Target

So, I fell in love in the Target dollar aisle on Wednesday. I was up in the suburbs and came across this - this thing of beauty. Bins and bins of the cutest paper goods accessories for only a dollar each. I couldn't stop myself! Those push pins are pink flags!! Those mini clips are sparkly blue! 

The only things that aren't from Target there are the two sets of Valentines washi that I got at Michael's. 

I grabbed what I wanted at Target and moved on to find some groceries with Mark, knowing that I could stop at the Target at home to pick up anything I had overlooked. BUT - the store across from my work, it had no goodies when I looked yesterday morning... 

Some things I didn't end up buying on Wednesday: cute string, thank you card sets, notepads, tons of other pens, different alphabet stickers, and more more more. Target across the street: please get this stuff in shipment soon! I ordered a Kikki K planner and I need to be ready.

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  1. Super cute!! I'll have to check my dollar section. ;)


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