Thursday, January 9, 2014

Post Wedding Presents: Froodads in 2014

2013 was the year where Mark termed the word "froodad." A froodad, or fruity doodad, is the type of item that I'm drawn to. A cute little knick knack, a kitschy little mug, pens and stickers - anything, anything I want that I do not need is a froodad.

During the wedding, I had to put froodads on the back burner, but now that it is over, I was able to pick up two things that I had been thinking about for a while. One is wedding-related, so that should be totally acceptable!

The first item is this beautiful Kikki K 2014 Leather Time Planner. It just looks so so so cute. As much as I love my Filofax, I wanted a little change from that red. Baby blue and gold is a pretty cute fresh start to a brand new year. So much of the stuff at Kikki K is on sale right now, including this planner, so check it out. They are amazing - it was pretty hard not to add on and on and on to my cart before I clicked order.

After weddings, it's a pretty big feeling of relief - all the planning and to-do lists are pretty much done. Now it's just the name change stuff aaand - thank you cards! I had my FILL of writing my address on the RSVPs (both on the return label AND inside the return envelope), so I decided to treat myself with a personalized address stamp that I found on Etsy. It'll be good for two reasons: 1. I'll be excited to write my thank yous, and 2. It'll give me an excuse to wait to do them for a bit, since I have to wait for the stamp to come in the mail!

Have you splurged and bought yourself any post-Christmas gifts? xoxo, MaDonna


  1. i ALMOST got one of these planners, but I instead opted for my first Filofax via Kijiji. So damn excited for the both of us! I found lots of cute stationary on Etsy, can't wait to have it all set up. Happy to know we're both on the same bandwagon plannerwise :)

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