Monday, February 3, 2014


Do you think it will ever get warm again? I was walking to my car this morning and thought to myself, "this isn't so bad!" I looked at my phone's weather app and it said one degree. That is bad! That's bad that I thought that wasn't bad!

Either way, I want it to be nice out. So, to try and lure out the sunshine, I made a super cute spring-y flower garland to decorate the big window in my living room.

I used this pattern with a crazy German name that I found on Ravelry and I used cute colors of yarn that I had on hand. The pink and red are both Vanna's Choice, the white is some leftover fancy yarn that I bought at a specialty store, the purple is Red Heart baby soft yarn, and the green is a Joann-brand boucle yarn.

It worked up super fast - the part that took me the longest was weaving in all the ends for the petals. Otherwise, I really liked how the pattern worked - you use the green first and do all the leaves, flower centers, and stems FIRST. It makes it easy to get it as long as you want (it goes quick!) and then you go back to add in the colors.

I'd love to make more more more - I keep walking around my house and thinking of what windows I can decorate. Basically all of them, really.

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  1. That's so cute! I had a little bit of hope the weather would get better, but no, yet another snow storm today..


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