Saturday, February 8, 2014

What I Wore: Floral & Cupcakes

I'm into floral all year round, but when spring fashion starts showing up in stores, the rest of the world catches up with my obsession. I couldn't resist this little dress - the bright orange got my attention.

Another thing that I'm loving so far this season is pastel goth. I love creepy and I love cute, so naturally I love the two together. Pretty, sweet-colored tones matched with silly-goth touches (see my drippy nails) is definitely my fashion focus this year.

Do you like my coffee clutch? I've been on a cupcake-spree lately, thanks to Twinkie Chan's Cupcake Coffee Cup Cozy sleeve pattern on Etsy. Worth the buy, I've made over 20 of these guys. Such a fun little project to make - instant satisfaction - and they're a super fun gift to give. Valentine's Day iiiiis coming up! (Twinkie also put up a bunch of V-Day stuff on her shop, too, so check that out before it's too late!)

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