Sunday, March 30, 2014

FINISHED PROJECT: Crochet Yoga Socks

crochet yoga socks

I love crochet (obviously), and I really honestly love it more than knitting. But, I can admit there are some things that are way better knitted than crocheted. One of those things is socks. I've tried some crochet socks and just can't get them to form up the way I like.

BUT THEN! I decided to make some yoga socks and all was right in the world. I used the rest of my Unforgettable yarn in Parrot and searched "crochet yoga socks" on Ravelry. I modified my pattern from about two or three versions that I found in Ravelry. Some I found were too bulky and some I found had weird cuffs at the top - I didn't want that!

I was so happy with my end product. They are perfect for dance class - no slippy, but they keep my feet warm. They're also great for dance performances; an extra little rainbow decoration to complete my costume.

Have you made yoga socks? What patterns do you like? I want to make a million pairs. 

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