Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Guest Post: Diet Tips for Healthy Skin

I received an email from a reader who was interested in sharing a post with Me! MaDonna! Here is Emma from Smile As It Happens with some info on what healthy foods can make your skin look beautiful. Thank you, Emma!

With warm weather on the horizon, you want your skin to look its best. It is tempting to get more aggressive with your cleansing, toning and moisturizing regimen and with good reason. Your daily skin care routine is an important part of keeping your skin healthy and clear. However, your diet is just if not more important. When it comes to skin, what is going on inside your body is just as important as what is going on the outside. There are certain foods that can help your skin look radiant every day of the year. Here are a few tips for curving your diet to give you silky spring skin!

Omega-3 Fatty Acids 

Omega-3s are "good fats," not like the kind you find in potato chips or ice cream. Good fats keep your skin hydrated and supple. They keep skin moist by holding in water and slow aging by reducing the presence of inflammatory compounds. Fortunately, it is easy to incorporate more Omega-3s into your diet. Start by consuming more fresh fish. Salmon, tuna and halibut are all great sources. Also add more healthy oils such as flax, canola and walnut. Beans are also a surprisingly great source for omega 3 and also omega 6 acids.

Nuts and Seeds 

There are certain nuts and seeds that have nutrition properties that can really boost the quality of your skin. For example, almonds contain Vitamin E, which helps protect skin from harmful UV rays. Pine nuts and pecans have zinc which keeps your skin from aging prematurely, helps scars and blemishes heal faster and can even help clear up acne. Nuts also are an easy and clean food to snack on. What I like to do is keep a Tupperware container of nuts in my TV room so instead of being tempted to run to the kitchen I have a healthy easy snack right next to me. The next time you want a snack, grab a handful of these skin-friendly nuts.


Fruits such as pineapple, mango, guava, papaya and kiwi are not only delicious, but they also contain loads of Vitamin C for helping your body fight free radicals. Free radicals are largely responsible for collagen loss and wrinkle formation - the number one signs of aging - so the less of them you have running around the better. My personal favorite fruit snack is cut up strawberries. Growing up I had a berry farm down the street from the house so I may have a little bit of a soft spot. Sometimes when I’m really feeling feisty I will even melt a little bit of chocolate and dip the strawberries into them. You can also try these colorful, tasty fruits in a delicious fruit smoothie or a tangy fruit salsa.

Indulge in a Little Chocolate 

Speaking of chocolate, chocolate is not only sinfully delicious but it is also good for us in moderation, especially dark chocolate. It is filled with flavonoids, which are a type of antioxidant that actually fight damaging UV rays. In addition, cocoa is a natural stress reliever, who else is a happy to hear that! When you are stressed, your body constricts preventing the flow of blood, which inhibits the production of collagen. Lack of collagen can have a direct effect on your skin. Going on crash diets and not allowing yourself any indulgences will never produce the results you want. So now and again have a little chocolate and it will do you a world of wonder. 

You deserve to have the beautiful, glowing complexion you have always dreamed of. With these diet tips you will be able to care for your precious skin from the inside out. Put your best face forward by focusing on foods that will keep your skin nourished and healthy. But also remember beauty is only skin deep, so be sure to wear a big smile this spring and that will make you glow better than any treatment ever could.

Emma Banks in a 20-something new wife living in upstate New York. When she isn't blogging you can find her spending time exercising, crafting or doing whatever brings a smile to her face. Give her blog a visit at http://www.smileasithappens.blogspot.com.


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