Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Filofax - Weeks Six, Seven, and Eight

Job transitions, blizzards, trip planning, and car troubles. A lot of things can happen in a few weeks that take all my free time away. My blog suffered, but - on the bright side - my filo did not! Check out my last few weeks.

This week Bravely Default came out AND the Olympics started. That was awesome. The Rilakkuma stickers came from a very sweet eBay seller who sent my arpakasso plush. I was also practicing my penmanship up there on the left side. Thanks to Coven, I've been in a very big Stevie Nicks phase, too.

Here's my work station while I was playing with the next week in my filo. The thing I like about the thin tape is that if plans change or something else is different from originally thought, I can just peel the washi up and redo it. Tidy!

The next week - one where the weather definitely affected life. I couldn't make it into town that Saturday because of snow. I loooove that strawberry washi - it's very heavy duty, I bought it in a really cute shop in Koenji, Tokyo.

Yet another week where the snow was a jerk. Thursday I didn't get to go to lunch and Friday I didn't even go to town at all. BUT - Saturday still happened. This was a busy week. Especially that I finished watching AHS: Coven. I'm sorry, but I loved it - a lot of it had to do with the fashion, though. Spot on.

When we were coming back home from the cities on Sunday, Mark and I stopped at the Galleria in Edina quick since we ate lunch next door at Byerly's. Walking through the halls, we spotted a new store that wasn't there on Valentine's Day: Russell + Hazel. Pretty much a dream. Full of MT washi, adorable notepads, binders, pen sets, office goods, stickers and tabs. I was a bit overwhelmed, but made it out with these tree tapes. My new favorites.


  1. So so super cute! Clearly my planner/filo ~inspiration~ ;)

  2. Hello!! I have been posting some comments already after seeing your post online about Filofax's. I love your set up. Just wanted to say hello and rock on!


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