Monday, March 24, 2014

Russell+Hazel Three-Ring Binder Review

This weekend I got to visit my newest favorite store: Russell + Hazel. They recently opened a shop in the Galleria in Edina, MN, and for such a tiny store, I feel like I can spend hours in there. I've been in the market for a new organizer for Me! MaDonna! things (separate from my Filofax) and this mini three-ring binder that I found is perfect.

The goodies I got at Rusell+Hazel: the baby blue three-ring binder, month-on-two-pages insert with gold tabs (!!), two LePen markers (periwinkle and charcoal), and two rolls of MT washi tape. And look look look at how cute they wrapped it up for me!

Sorry this picture is so dark, but here is my planner all put together and opened to March. I tried out some of my tape, too.

Close up on the month layout. It's a Sunday through Saturday week (thank you!) and I love how thick the pages are. The inserts were $24 and they are definitely worth that price. The LePen markers don't even bleed through a tiny bit. Each month has the two-page layout, as well as a to-do list and page for notes. The pages feel incredibly sturdy.

Here is the NOTES page, followed by a photo of the TO-DO LIST page.

I'm happy for my new binder purchase! The only thing I regret is that I see on the Russell+Hazel website that I could have saved 20% at the Galleria. Too late now.. It's a very cute specialty store, and I'm really excited to use this organized to schedule out my blog posts and to keep all my ideas and plans in one place.

A little less fancy, but still very cute: I raided the Super Target dollar section up in the cities and found all these goods for only $1 each. Why doesn't my town carry these cute things? I'm pumped to use those push-pins on my corkboard at my desk at work. Not sure what I need the jumbo paperclips for, but I'll find a reason.


  1. That binder planner is super cute!! I want one of those stores. ;)
    & I totally bought those push pins and files too. haha yay Target. <3

    1. I have your washis to mail you, too! Sorry it is taking me forever!

  2. I would love to see how you're using this organizer now. I love looking at other's setups and getting ideas!


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