Friday, March 28, 2014

What I Wore: Horrorpops and Sweet Treats

Last weekend, Mark and I took a quick trip to Whole Foods in the cities to check it out. I wanted to buy everything, especially all of these cakes. I did end up buying six macarons. What a failure blogger I am, though - we ate them all before I could take a picture. I also bought a tofu curry cous cous lunch that I ate the next day. Delicious!

My skirt, hoodie, and purse are all heartbreaker. My boots are docs, shirt is an old Horrorpops tee from Hot Topic, and the scarf is handmade.

I wish we had a Whole Foods closer - I really like their premade deli items. I also wish we walked around to look more, but it was Sunday afternoon, so it was might busy in there. Do you shop at a fun grocery store? What is your favorite thing to get there?


  1. One of the Whole Foods locations back in my hometown in California has a bar in it. So you can hang out and try craft brews if you need a break from shopping.

  2. Cute outfit!! Those cakes look so delicious :D


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