Friday, June 27, 2014

A Gift Guide For Cat Lovers

If you love cats, you don't need a special occasion to shop for cat stuff. It's true, it is written in the book called "How To Deal With Your Cat Friends." I'm that cat friend. So - if you have a person like me in your life and it is their birthday or they got a new job or they graduated from something or they are just really cool and you want to give them presents, here is what you should give them!

And I promise that if the "cat friend" you are shopping for is YOU, I won't tell. 

From Uncovet, this very delightful bangle. For your cat friend who loves arm candy.

A cat bowl! It is on Etsy and in lots of different colors! This bowl is great to hold things like pennies or THIS RING BELOW:

Yep, this ring would fit perfectly in that cute little bowl. Also, if you want to spend all your money on cat rings, definitely look up "cat rings" on Pinterest. This ring is on Etsy, too!

Hey, look! It's me! I'm wearing the cat tights that I love so much. I bought them on eBay for really, really cheap. I don't regret it.

See, look? SOOO cute! The back has a tail! TWO TAILS, one on each leg! I gotta wear these again soon.

Okay mooooore Etsy finds, sorry! But, it's just the best place to shop for your cat friend. This print is 1. really super cute and 2. really super true.

Another one of my goodies! I bought this from a gashapon machine in Shinjuku, Tokyo. This kitty fits on your finger whenever you want it to. And it's also a keychain.

Another of my own cat gifts. This keychain of a lil guy puking out a .. gold coin? MAYBE?! I saw the machine in Harajuku while I was shopping in Japan and seriously could not walk away from it. Could you?! Here is the machine.

I'm happy that I got the gold one, but do you see the lounging one at the top?! If anyone knows Japanese, please tell me what they are all saying. Now this little kitty barfer is living on my 3DS.

Cat creepers. I swear to God, I don't know why I don't have these already. In all my years of living, including like six of those years working at Hot Topic, I never have owned a pair of kitty creepers. Buy your cat friend these shoes and she will love you forever.

This was a gift to me! The family we stayed with for a few days in Atsgui, Japan gave us this tin to bring home. Hello Kitty on the front is adorable and the nori snacks (ume flavored!!) were so incredibly delicious. Now I'm trying to figure out what I want to use the tin for now that we ate all the treats. Also, trying to find out how to order more of these snacks in the US.

This says that it is a dress, but I think it would be the cutest over leggings and with an over-sized cardigan to go with it. However you wear it, it is pretty much the best.

This Lucipurr Women's Tee from Black Craft has been on my wishlist for about a million years now. Why don't I have it?! WHY!? Buy this for your cat friend that also wants to throw some runes with you. Like me.

Ok I just found this picture on Pinterest and can't get enough of it. If you are buying gifts for your cat friend, go ahead and print this out and - ta da - instant card! Sign your name on the back, draw up a few cartoon cat paws, and there you go. Perfect DIY. 1. Print it. 2. Done.



  1. Terrific. I especially love the simple geometric kitty-inspired jewelry.

  2. You can never have too many cat things!
    I love that kitty keyring!


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