Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June Filofax Inspiration

One of the searches that keeps me on Pinterest for longer than I care to admit while I'm laying in bed before I fall asleep is definitely Filofax. Daily planners are one of my biggest weaknesses and I love seeing how people decorate their weekly calendars in their Filos or kikki. K journals. I've put together my top nine favorite inspirational pics for this month for you so I won't be alone as Iday dream about how beautiful I'll try to make my diary next week.

Love the simple use of these cuuuute little bunnies. I really love those short rectangle bunny post-it notes with the to-do lists. From @filocuteness.

There is that bunny to-do list again! Where?! I need it! I also loooove the little bunting strands "hanging" at the top of this week layout. Great idea. From @cre8tivecre8tions.

The gold! The handwriting! The adorable little drawings. This is .. amazing. Her handwriting along is killing me. From @thedailyroe.

The colors are so pretty in this, but ... do you see the stripes in that calligraphy?! The word "pizza" has never looked so beautiful. Definitely gives me something to work for. Almost lost because of all the script - the cute wood grain tape AND those side tabs!! EDIT: Thank you to the comments, this image is from Instagram user @kikkinetter. xoxo.

The cloud insert is definitely killer. I'm curious about the page inserts, though - do those come standard with this kikki.K journal?! I love the big numbers, the different colored font .. halp! From @threadofhearts.

Sorry that it's a little blurry, but I wanted to show you the full effect. This pastel is my number one thing in the world right now. I need that kikki.K planner. In that big size. Big size!! Also, I want Little Twin Stars binder clips. These inserts are way cute and she gives info on where to find them on her blog, Coloursnme.

I have this type of Filofax - Metropol Personal - but in a different color. This lavender is so pretty, though, I wish it was mine. And all those tabs and pages in there! Looks so worn and perfect. From My Filo World.

What! Look at this free form journal. There are no set day rectangles - it's so much more like a sketchbook than a planner. The drawings, again, are just too much for me to handle. From flickr.

This was the one that started it all. The skinny washi is just the best. I love using it. All I need, though, is the pen that is used to write on it. I still just use a thick sharpie! From Inside The Crafter's Studio.

Here is my Filofax board on Pinterest - it's filled with all the best stationary, planners, and writing utensils that I see on Pinterest.  I have a board for washi, too.


  1. Beautiful inspiration. Makes To Do look so fun. :)

  2. Love your beautiful blog! Found you through SITS today in the comments. So glad I clicked through to check it out.

    I am a bit of a new journal junkie. I've shared quite a bit about my prompts and the different types of journals you can create. I opted for an inspirational journal and am loving it! And that washi tape is the best thing ever. It's so nice to meet you! ~Topaz

    1. Aww, thank you for visiting! I will check your blog out!

  3. Ah, those bunnies! thedailyroe one... Wow. ♥ I love that more sketchbook than planner one, ah! And bright pink like the last one?! YES PLZ. I love all of these!

  4. The photo you didn't know the owner is from @kikkiknetter on instagram. She's part of a fbgroup I'm in. :-) Pretty inspiration!!


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