Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Peko-Chan and Me

I love Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and Kumamon as much as the next girl, but - my favorite Japanese character has got to be Peko-Chan. Peko is the mascot for the Fujiya - a chain of confectionery stores and a candy company. Her brown pigtails and cute little tongue sticking out is very iconic in Japan. And I love her! Here is a collection of all the Peko goodies that I treated myself to during my trip to Japan.

In the top picture I'm holding a bag of Fujiya's Milky candy. (The bag matches my iPhone case!) Directly above is a photo of one of the candies. The Milky treats are just that - creamy, milky pieces of candy, with a texture like a semi-soft caramel.

Mark and I also loved this Milky Chocolate candy that I bought at the 7/11 one, two, three times during our trip. Super creamy and delicious - it was a great snack with black coffee. I want this right now...

Another reason why I love Peko so much is that Fujiya stores around Japan have a mini-Peko statue outside their doors. During different seasons and holiday events, she changes her outfit. This bunny one is so so so cute!

Both of these photos are me with Peko at the Nakano Broadway location of Fujiya. Do you like my kimono!? That was from my day with my friend Nao-chan, who (with the help of her mum!) dressed me up in a traditional kimono. I'll make a post later of our day together, but here is one more little peek:

Maddy and Nao eating soybean ice cream at the Shinjuku Station. Mine is matcha and hers is vanilla. Speaking of Nao..

After our kimono day together, Nao gave me this gift. She had collected all of these Peko Chan charms over the years and decided that she would like me to have them, along with the tin she kept them in. Isn't that the most generous, wonderful thing you've ever heard?! I couldn't believe it. The tin included two sets that she collected - one of Peko-Chan wearing outfits of different countries and another set of Peko-Chan dressed up for different jobs. There's also a bridal Peko-Chan!

 I was so happy that she had given me this gift, especially after giving me such a special day with the kimonos. Nao was a wonderful friend that I met in Japan! She also took us on a tour of Shimokitazawa - her hometown - and I will post more about that in another blog entry. We ate natto donuts! 

Nao and Maddy <3

I also found a cute Peko-Chan section at Kiddyland (one of my favorite stores to visit in Tokyo) - it was hard to choose, but I ended up buying a mini notepad from that shop. (Also pictured in this: a deco-tape roller from Swimmer La Floret and some devil-y rings from Closet Child Shinjuku.)

Lastly - I found this Peko-Chan deco tape roller at LOFT in Shibuya! Cute! Also, some Little Twin Stars sticker tabs and a couple rolls of MT washi tape. LOFT was a lot of fun, if not way overwhelming...

So what do you think? Do you love Peko Chan like me? What is your favorite piece of Peko merchandise that you've seen? I'm off to go buy some Milky candies off of Amazon!


  1. Makes me want to have chocolate lol! That was so nice of her.. those charms are adorable!

  2. I AM SO JEALOUS THAT YOU WENT TO JAPAN, AH! Also, she is -adorable-! AND YOUR KIMONO - SO PRETTY. That gift? SO SWEET. Ah!

    1. I KNOW - I'm sooo sad I'm not there anymooooooreeeee. I love it all! THANK YOU!!

  3. i remember when my aunt from japan comes home for the holidays i always have milky chocolate and i swear it was the most beautiful memory i will always remember, lol long live peko chan

  4. you have the sweetest heart maddy, i love the nao and maddy peko-chan collectibles picture


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