Monday, June 16, 2014

Something Old, Something New...

When you get engaged, you will be soon faced with many questions about your wedding planning and decisions. As you get closer to the actual date, though, the choices for your four somethings become increasingly more interesting, so you better have a good idea for what you will do for this bridal tradition so you have an answer! Thankfully, I had all of mine decided pretty early on (a blue wedding ring makes life easy!) - besides the "something borrowed." For that something, just ask around - your family or future in-laws will be more than happy to temporarily donate a keepsake of theirs to play an important part of your day!

Here are the four things I chose to be my four somethings and what made them so special.


In spring of 2013, my Grandma Flowers passed away. As we were cleaning out her apartment, I came across the prettiest, hand-beaded, ivory colored clutch. I knew the second that I saw it that I wanted to use it for my wedding - it would be a nice reminder of my grandma, who I wish could have been at my wedding, and it would be the most special something old. You can see the bead and sequin detail at the top photo in this post and directly above is the clutch in action in between the ceremony and reception. Inside the bag has a tag that says "Handmade in Hong Kong," which leads us to believe that my Grandpa Flowers got her the bag while he was in the navy.


This something was very easy: my dress! I wonder how many brides use their dress as their something new. I was in love with my dress, along with the new belt (pictured in the top photo) and veil. All three items came from David's Bridal. The very first time we visited David's Bridal, I tried on maybe 8-10 dresses, and I loved this one. With the bottom extra tulle that we got to go with it made it the perfect about of fluffy, and all the bead and lace details made it that much more special. Here is a photo where you can see the detail of the top (as well as the belt and veil) even better.


My borrowed item came from Mark's sister Christina. She let me wear her beautiful pearl earrings. Her husband gave her the pair as a gift on their first Valentine's Day as a married couple. I thought it would be such good luck to have that keepsake with me all day long. This something, by the way, is my most curious one - please comment and let me know what your something borrowed was!


My beautiful blue ring! My something blue has become one of my favorite things in the entire world since the second Markie gave it to on top of the Metropolitan Government Center in Shinjuku. It came from his grandmother on his mom's side, who was an antique collector. The white gold makes it look so vintage and I think it fits perfectly on my hand, knobby knuckles and all. I had to get it resized once and while it was away getting smaller, I kept checking my finger in fear that I lost it. It felt so strange to constantly wear a ring on that finger once I had it, but I got used to it immediately that it feels unnatural if I ever take it off. 

So there you go! I love all of my somethings! I'm still deciding if I want to do something special with my belt, but for now, it's tucked away safely with my shoes, muff, and clutch. Another tradition that I kept that day was a penny in my shoe, but ... unfortunately no photo of that! It was weird!

What were your somethings? What are your favorite decisions that you've heard of before? I love hearing the stories, so please comment to let me know!

All photos (besides the very top) were taken by my wedding photographer, Jennifer Palmer.


  1. I actually had a couple something borroweds: a hair piece from my best friend and pearl earrings from my mother!

  2. Awww, I just love wedding stories! Your photos are beautiful. I only got married a few years ago, but I don't remember what my old, new, and borrowed things were. I had a blue garter, so I must have had the other three somethings... I'd like to say my something new was my wedding ring. I was planning on just using the engagement ring (a $60 Walmart ring) that my husband used to propose just before deploying to Japan for a year. He surprised me at the wedding by placing a beautiful new ring on my finger! I still get all warm and fuzzy thinking about it :)

  3. I love wedding stories. I am trying very hard to remember what my old/borrowed was but I can't! I know my mother in law made my wedding dress and it was obviously new and it was also blue! I am so glad to know someone else feels weird without their ring.. If I take mine off I feel completely naked ... and to make that even more weird it didn't feel like that during my first (and failed) marriage. Your ring is beautiful! Happy SITS day!

  4. Wow. Amazing. I love the blue ring. Always one of my favorite colors (even at Christmas!). What a sweet story.

  5. Hi, visiting you via the SITS girls. Congratulations. You were a gorgeous bride. I love crafts, crochet and cooking too and have a bossy cat named Lilly. Wish you the best with your blogging.


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