Wednesday, July 30, 2014

11 Pom Pom DIY Crafts

As you can imagine, now that I have these pom pom makers, I'm basically obsessed. I've decided to share my pom pom "to do" list. Enjoy!


This sweet flower tutorial is super simple, but has a great end result. 

Big pom poms on a fluffy pillow! Bonus: this tutorial includes instructions on how to make a pom pom using your hand, as well as a sewing DIY on creating the pillow, too.

These houses are just too much to handle. So cute - included in this tutorial is how to make little cars, too! What I really love are the little mountains, but - no pattern, yet!

The Martha Stewart yarn in this hair clip DIY looks so fluffy and yummy. I want that. Bonus E6000 sighting, too. Love that!

There are about a million pom pom garland tutorials and inspiration pics out there, but this one stood out. I love the pastel colors and I love how she arranged the poms in little clusters. I wanna do this TODAY.

Are these skulls not the most amazing thing? To be honest, the instruction seems a little above my skill level right now, but it gives me something to work for, right? There are some monster eyes and ghosts on this page, too!

Now this! This is a tutorial at my level of skill as a beginning pom pom-er. Magnets! Plus, a tutorial on making a pom pom with a fork. How very kitchen-y this DIY is.

A rainbow pom! This DIY shows how to create these colorful and beautiful fluffy pom ornaments.

This tutorial on how to make a letter decoration uses pre-made pom poms, but you could definitely make your OWN little guys to glue onto whatever shape you'd like. Maybe a heart? Cute!

Another garland! This time Halloween themed. Very simple and straight forward, with lots of other spooky inspiration.

A little bunny! This looks doable, right? This DIY is only pictures, buuuuuut its somewhat clear. I just love it. Ah!

Want more pom pom inspiration? Here is my Pinterest board named Pom Poko!

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  1. I too just bought a pom pom maker. It's so fun! I love these ideas I am especially in love with the bunny and the skulls!!! Happy SITS Day, btw.


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