Tuesday, July 22, 2014

8 Free Crochet Patterns for Summer

Yarn craft usually gets a pretty bad reputation during the summer months. Like .. do you want to wear a bulky, wool scarf in August? Do you want to be weaving in the ends of a thick poncho crocheted out of heavy yarn? No. But that doesn't mean you have to give up crocheting all together.

I've found eight super awesome FREE patterns featuring crochet projects that are weather-appropriate. And they are all small enough to hold while you work that you won't overheat. I promise!

This pattern is on a Google Doc! Weird! Either way - I love the size of this bag and I really love the bottom and I really love the little popcorns at the top.

Okay, whaat. This pattern is on Google Docs, too. Weird. Whatever! This case is adorable and, sorry, but I'm gonna be a sucker for the Instagram look for a long time.

I love spa at home! I'm planning on putting together a list of my favorite DIY spa projects, but first and foremost, crocheting some nubbie washcloths to have in your bathroom is definitely a priority.

This crocheted embroidery hoop is definitely a great summer pattern. Not huge, so you don't have a big project on your lap as you work, and it's not a garment, so you don't have to wear it when you're done!

I guess my new favorite thing to want to make is STOOL COVERS. Too bad I don't have any stools at home to decorate? 

Okay, if this purse is named "Jelly Bean Bag," you know that I have to make it. It is seriously so cute. I think it would be great to use at the Ren Fest this year - I would probably just make the strap longer.

I have actually made this shawl! The Elise Shawl is a free Ravelry download and is super versatile. I made mine with Caron Simply Soft and it was nice and thick - perfect for fall, but you could definitely use sock weight yarn and make a nice cover-up for cooler summer nights outdoors.

Ok, yes. Granny squares are usually used to form big, warm, comfy blankets. That is not a great project for a hot day. BUT - a blanket is made up of many small pieces. This beautiful motif IS small! A lap project. Those squares have to be made sometime, right? And by the time you finish all million squares and are ready to join them together, it'll be cold out already. And this motif is like .. the most beautiful.

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