Monday, July 21, 2014

9 Cocktail Dresses to Wear to a Summer Wedding

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Summer weddings are most often than not a ton of fun. Planning which dress to wear may take a little time to decide, but there are so many choices around that you should have no problem finding an item that fits your personality and the dress code of your event. I took the opportunity to window shop to find these nine different dresses that I personally would love to don for a summer party. I love just above-the-knee length, but some summer weddings could definitely call for a nice, long, flowy maxi dress.

Although I'm not an expert on men's clothes (Nope!), these dress shirts here are pretty snazzy looking. There are tons of different patterns that would go well with many of the dresses here. I haven't been to to many weddings lately as a couple (besides you know, my own wedding!), but I've never worried too much about coordinating with Mark on our outfits. Usually, though, he wears a classic white button-up shirt with a blazer, so that matches most anything. I do know that I prefer long-sleeves on guys for weddings - even if it is summer. I think they can look pretty sharp with the sleeves rolled up. (Here are some more tips for men's wear from some people that know more about the subject than me!)

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