Tuesday, July 1, 2014

From My iPhone

Right now, most of my blog energy is trying to figure out a minor-redesign of the site just to make it look a little cleaner and prettier around here. Hopefully I get this straightened out soon. I'm the type of person that when I get a bug in my head about something - such as chopping my hair off, buying a super specific item, or, I guess, coming up with a new blog layout - it needs to happen like yesterday.

In the meantime, here are some of the things that I'm loving via my phone and Instagram!

My sister-in-law's family got a new puppy the other month! A little pug named Bella. Sooo sweet. Puppies are crazy, but her fur is so soft and her squished face is basically perfect. 

Warm weather = cold wine. Cupcake Pinot is a go-to in my house, and I got a chance to use my new crocheted coasters that I plan on writing about soon. (Well, the pink one in the back. The front coaster is just a granny motif that never turned into a blanket.)

These are the good socks. LOL from Forever 21.

My mother-in-law's living room. Like, give me a break, so beautiful. My cats would have that knocked over in about a minute and would already be puking up the flowers they tried to eat before I would get a chance to pick it up. 

Couldn't resist some new washi when I was recently at the Russell + Hazel store at the Galleria in Edina. BONUS FACT: about an hour later, Mark and I totally spotted Andrew Zimmern shopping for some clothes. He's like us! Shopping at the Galleria!!

Treat yourself! Got my nails done last payday and loved the results. I love gel manicures. Yes, I know I have my own gel manicure kit, but it is nice to get pampered sometimes, too.

Target is carrying this new brand called Yoobi. Hmmmmm... the gel pens are amazing (but bleed a little) and I will review those in a bit. These heart pins are the cutest, too.

One of my best friends and dance sisters just had her baby TODAY! This is the gift that I gave. Baby bath stuff is the cutest and the two washcloths that I crocheted using 100% cotton worked up super fast. (Also, gave me a chance to practice the crab stitch as the border.) Congrats Cat, Kyle, and new baby Kiora! xoxo

Using the 1 yen coins I didn't spend in Japan to practice Shisha embroidery. It takes a long time! But it is fun! But ... I need a different fabric to practice on. Good thing I have a Ziploc bag full of 1 yen coins.

Blog note: I installed Disqus commenting on my posts! I hope you all like the new change!

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