Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Goodies from Typo

Have you heard of the store Typo? It looks like there are only four in the US, but, lucky for me, one of the locations is at the Mall of America! The store is part of the parent company of Cotton On, though, which has a handful more locations. Typo is a stationary and home decoration store that I could spend forever in, even though the one I've been in is tiny. Cute notebooks, stationary, pens, twinkle lights, iPhone cases, and more - it's a ton of fun to browse. I was there the other weekend and here's what I picked up - all for under $20 total!

This adorable notebook! Le chat! Oh man! Could I pass it up? No. Could you?! I like it, too, because it's larger than the standard notebook and has some pocket folders inside, as well as that mint colored elastic band. And, the cat. Those pens are GLITTER, too - they were 5 for $5. The farthest pen on the right was only like 70 cents on clearance, and, while it is cute to look at, not a fan of the ink. Here is what the pens look like in writing:

Cute, right? Glitter gel pens are timeless. They really don't bleed that bad, either, but it helps that the paper in this notebook is a little thicker than normal.

Last but not least - this mini french press! It was only $5 with purchase, so how could I turn it down? It's 300mL, enough for a small cuppa, and is decorated so sweetly with those woodland creatures. I enjoyed the first cup with Caribou's Obsidian dark roast. Yum! The thing iiiis pretty small, but it's such a good desk decoration, so I don't regret it one bit.

Typo does have an online shop, so you can check that out here if you aren't near the four locations in the states. Bookmarked!

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