Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mid-July Fitness Update

July is the month that I get back on track! This Monday I started the Blogilates July Calendar - I did it Monday and Tuesday - had over three hours of belly dance class on Wednesday - worked the calendar Thursday and Friday and then took a jog this AM. How long does it take to form a habit? I think I am good and it's been less than a week!

The calendar is awesome - each day has about 40-45 minutes worth of targeted pilates videos. It is password protected on her site, but it is totally free; you just have to sign up for her newsletter and you'll get the password for each month in your email. I've had to edit the schedule a little bit, but as long as I'm working each day, I feel good. (Wanna add me on Snapchat? I'm memadonna - just comment below so I know who is adding me!)

My Filofax from this week! Its nice to make a little note of what body parts I worked out in my journal for quick reference. Also, I love that new hot pink tape I bought, as well as the set of polka dot thin washi.

In other fitness news: I've graduated to belly dance instructor! I was an assistant teacher last year and this summer, and now, starting this fall, I'll be the teacher for the level two belly dance class at my dance studio! I'm excited and nervous, but it'll be great to do something new. (Plus - more forced exercise! Do you know how long it takes to prep for an hour long class? Uhh, longer than an hour, usually.)

Lastly - here are some healthy meals I've been eating this week to get me back in the habit of clean eats and good food choices.

Chia Fresca! My work friend made this for me for breakfast a few times this week and I love it. About two tablespoons of chia seeds, water, lime juice, and agave for sweetener. Just let it sit for a little while to let the chia start to goo up and then you're good to go. It doesn't seem like it'd be enough for breakfast, but those seeds pack quite a punch.

Co-op deli yummies. Drove to the next town over to get this lunch. Toasted sesame tofu sticks and a delicious greek sandwich. The sandwich had kalamata olives, carrots, artichoke hearts, tiny bit of cheese, spinach, tomato, and mayo. YUM. 

Curried pork wraps, with hummus, red onion, and daikon radish sprouts. We used the same recipe to cook the pork chops that we used for chicken breast and it worked deliciously. These wraps were only 50cal each (found them at Cub Foods) and made for a great lunch. Ate three for dinner and I was stuffed, for only about 530 calories total.

Sweet potato! My new favorite! This bowl has sweet potato chunks, chicken breast, and red onion. We got a bag of the potatoes from Target - you can just steam it right and the bag. After that, I mixed them in the pan after I removed the chicken breasts so they can soak up all the good drippings and seasonings. One and 1/4 cup is only 90 calories. I love it. I want it every day.

What have you been eating? Have you done the Blogilates calendar? I wanna know! Let me know if you use the Blogilates app, too. I have it but haven't really delved too far into it yet.

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