Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Filofax - Week of July 22nd

My completely non-organized week in my Filofax above. No theme in the tape, just whatever I had closest to my hand when I had to add a note. It was that kind of week! Still in love with the couple rolls of tape I bought at Russel + Hazel, but trying to incorporate some old tape in there, too. Also - having fun using my glitter pens from Typo on non-tape surfaces. It does bleed through on my Filo paper, but that's what tape is for on the other side of the page, right? 

I saw the other day that one of my favorite Filofax inspiration Instagram accounts (@sugarpandax3) had some extra pastel Martha Stewart tabs for sale on her IG and, of course, I had to snatch them up. They're nice and heavy duty quality and I'm excited to tab tab tab away.

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