Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rainy Shinjuku

Perfect view of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. (Where Markie proposed!)

When we were in Japan this April, our hotel was in the skyscraper district in Shinjuku - the west side of the train station. I love Nishi-Shinjuku because it is a quiet different than the east side (which I love, too!). Our hotel was about a 10-15 minute walk to the station.

I really liked getting breakfast in the morning from a conbini - this particular morning was the perfect amount of rainy, fog, and cloudiness that made everything look dreamy. It was also pretty early in the morning when I was out and about (jetlag screws you up!) - so the town was just starting to get ready for the day. Most cutely - little kids walking to school with their rain gear. I made it a point to walk through the alleys off the main road, too.

Here are the photos that I took.

This cat was pretty much the best and crabbiest. Trill neko.


  1. Lovely pictures! I would love to go to Tokyo someday. Stopping by from SITS.

  2. Thanks! I would love to go back SOON!

  3. Its me, the other Madonna again (just posted below the Christmas post)
    I just got a bit curious, don't come across people with the same name every day. And it seems we even like most of the same things. I absolutely love Japan! And yes, food! And well ALL animals (also have a cat so love those too haha)
    We don't look at all the same tho, appearance-wise :O


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