Sunday, July 27, 2014

What I Wore: Belly Dance Edition

This last Thursday, my dance troupe had our annual park performance! The show is always so fun - full of guests, great weather (if we're lucky like this year!), and lots and lots of dancing. Since it is such a big deal to us, it's also fun to put together my best costumes ever. Here is what I wore for the first set of the show!

Like many, I'm sure, my belly dance closet is a miss-mash of pieces from every day stores and actual costume vendors. My lace bandeau and head scarf are both from heartbreaker, a MN fashion store. The black vest over my lace top (hard to see in this photo!) is a long tunic top cut into a criss-cross halter, using this DIY.

My two coin belts and my blue and gold over skirt are all from the vendor Dahlal International - every year she sets up a tent shop at the Renaissance Festival the weekend that I work there and I always spend lots and lots of money. My new favorite piece, though, is my 32 yard skirt (in green and black!) from the We3 Belly Dance shop on eBay. It is the biggest skirt I've had and it is so dreamy. And they are usually very affordable on the site AND you get to pick which colors you'd like!

Isn't this poster amazing?! Erika - one of my troupe sisters - made this for our performance and it is so great. I'm in loooove. I took a print of it and am thinking of framing it. Is that weird?

Here is a variation on the outfit above - I wore this to the Roller Derby bout we performed at last weekend. You can see my skirt a little better here. I looooove how full it is, so I can twist and tuck it up with it still looking nice and big. My coin bra in this photo was from Dahlal - I remember it was increeedibly afforadable for how amazing it is. (I'm thinking it was under $50..) The black crop shrug & leopard print scarf is from heartbreaker and my white crochet scarf is handmade by me!

What is your favorite place to shop for belly dance outfits? I'm on the MAJOR lookout for some full harem pants - the wider the leg, the better!

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  1. I don't think it's weird to frame the poster at all. Do it. ;)
    Love your bellydance outfits! <3


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