Friday, July 4, 2014

What I Wore for Breakfast in Japan

A fun tradition I had on our trip to Japan was to wake up in the morning and walk down to the 7/11 to grab breakfast-y treats for us. Our hotel room was so small that it was hard for both of us to get ready at the same time. So, when Mark was cleaning up and getting dressed, I would adventure out on my own. The weather was a lot cooler and less humid at that time of day, as well, so I could layer up a little bit.

My headband is a great find that I was happy to come across! It was at the veerryyy end of Takeshita Dori, with a very cute girl working. The headband has wire in it, so it stays fit on your head, and you can twisty-turn it around on top to make a cute knot, twirl, bow, or whatever. I love it!

A typical breakfast from the conbini! I love the cans of black coffee available all over in Japan - I wish they were more available here. Most canned coffee drinks I see in the US are too sugary or energy drinks. I just want iced coffee to go! Also above: meat bun!! Mark and I ate our fair share of nikuman this time around, but it still wasn't enough to satiate our pork-bun tastes.

(PS: Do you notice that I updated my blog layout again?! There was something bothering me about the last one and I couldn't put my finger on it. I'm very happy with this one, though! The template is from TheBlogBoat on Etsy and I edited the sidebar image colors and created longer category images, as well. Nice and simple! I wanted a two-column layout for sure.)


  1. You look cute! I love you leopard card/hoody
    I wish we had cans of black coffee in the U.K.

    1. The cans are so nice! There were so many different types to choose from..

  2. Loving your outfit on this post :)


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