Tuesday, August 19, 2014

From My iPhone

I'm so excited to be this busy working on my new Etsy shop! BUT - I feel bad for it cutting into my actual blogging. Hopefully soon I'll be caught up with filling my shop with inventory, but until then, here are some of the things I've been up to via the lens of my 5S.

Some witchy decks full of inscriptions, magic objects, crystals, and other talismans found at Half Price Books in the cities. I haven't had a chance to go through them yet, but it's always nice having a few more lucky charms on my side.

I've been finding my wardrobe choices steadily turning dark, dark, darker more often. Perhaps the heat of August is making me want fall and even, forgive me, winter?  

Obsessed with chia right now. These Mamma Chia drinks are my absolute favorite. I want one right now. RIGHT NOW. They're all good! 

Told you 'bout that chia! Buuut -- this Chia Pod wasn't my favorite. It wasn't gross, even though it was way thicker than I thought (I thought it'd be more of a pudding texture), just kind of bland taste-wise. Also over $3.. 

 Heading out the door for a big belly dance show on Saturday, bindi in place.

Fresh sweet corn from our back yard. Ate this in a delicious salad with chicken breast, mushrooms, carrot shreds ... Had a lot of fun shucking this right outside my door. 

Spoilt myself a bit and set this Rust Cohle image as my desktop at work. Unfortunately, the gif this is from is great (Rust reenacting the gunfire with sound effects), but - no moving gifs as my background. Did you guys watch True Detective? Is it weird how much I love Rust? IS IT?

Latest prized possession: ROCKET! His little Funko is a bit hard to find. Next up .. Groot. Need him.

Some mini tape dispensers I found at the Mall of America! Easy enough to bust a part (have to change the tape somehow!) and fit some of my smaller washi tapes in there. I love you, Rilakkuma.

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