Monday, August 4, 2014

What I Wore: The Smiths

A perfect sunny day (a la "Cemetery Gates") seemed just the right fit for my dreary Smiths t-shirt matched with a bright floral skater skirt. Moz always has loved dancing around on stage with bouquets in hand, so I figured this would be an appropriate match.

The Smiths have been one of my very favorite bands since I first listened to them in college. Morrissey is definitely a love him or hate him type of guy, and - well, obviously - he's a love him type of guy for me. Here is a video of a live version of "The Queen is Dead." You're welcome in advance for the topless Moz. WINK!

Do you have a favorite band that's stuck with you over the years? One that you can listen to and still love, rather than cringe? The Smiths and The Cure are definitely two of those bands for me.


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