Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rockabilly Fashion Inspiration c/o ModCloth

ModCloth contacted me this past week to see if I would be interested in participating in their Uniquely You campaign. They asked me to take a look at the plus-size version of the Coach Tour Dress in Navy Stripes and create an outfit using other items from their site. Of course, I said sure! It sounded like fun. And I have the chance for my outfit to be featured on the ModCloth Polyvore page if my outfit is chosen.

As soon as I saw the dress, I immediately got a vintage rockabilly vibe - think Horrorpops. I think my faaavorite item that I picked to go with this dress might be that polka dot headband. And, obviously, those shoes. I thought the retro style teacup was a nice touch, no?

Here is the song that I listened to while I created this outfit!

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Gift Guide For Cat Lovers

If you love cats, you don't need a special occasion to shop for cat stuff. It's true, it is written in the book called "How To Deal With Your Cat Friends." I'm that cat friend. So - if you have a person like me in your life and it is their birthday or they got a new job or they graduated from something or they are just really cool and you want to give them presents, here is what you should give them!

And I promise that if the "cat friend" you are shopping for is YOU, I won't tell. 

From Uncovet, this very delightful bangle. For your cat friend who loves arm candy.

A cat bowl! It is on Etsy and in lots of different colors! This bowl is great to hold things like pennies or THIS RING BELOW:

Yep, this ring would fit perfectly in that cute little bowl. Also, if you want to spend all your money on cat rings, definitely look up "cat rings" on Pinterest. This ring is on Etsy, too!

Hey, look! It's me! I'm wearing the cat tights that I love so much. I bought them on eBay for really, really cheap. I don't regret it.

See, look? SOOO cute! The back has a tail! TWO TAILS, one on each leg! I gotta wear these again soon.

Okay mooooore Etsy finds, sorry! But, it's just the best place to shop for your cat friend. This print is 1. really super cute and 2. really super true.

Another one of my goodies! I bought this from a gashapon machine in Shinjuku, Tokyo. This kitty fits on your finger whenever you want it to. And it's also a keychain.

Another of my own cat gifts. This keychain of a lil guy puking out a .. gold coin? MAYBE?! I saw the machine in Harajuku while I was shopping in Japan and seriously could not walk away from it. Could you?! Here is the machine.

I'm happy that I got the gold one, but do you see the lounging one at the top?! If anyone knows Japanese, please tell me what they are all saying. Now this little kitty barfer is living on my 3DS.

Cat creepers. I swear to God, I don't know why I don't have these already. In all my years of living, including like six of those years working at Hot Topic, I never have owned a pair of kitty creepers. Buy your cat friend these shoes and she will love you forever.

This was a gift to me! The family we stayed with for a few days in Atsgui, Japan gave us this tin to bring home. Hello Kitty on the front is adorable and the nori snacks (ume flavored!!) were so incredibly delicious. Now I'm trying to figure out what I want to use the tin for now that we ate all the treats. Also, trying to find out how to order more of these snacks in the US.

This says that it is a dress, but I think it would be the cutest over leggings and with an over-sized cardigan to go with it. However you wear it, it is pretty much the best.

This Lucipurr Women's Tee from Black Craft has been on my wishlist for about a million years now. Why don't I have it?! WHY!? Buy this for your cat friend that also wants to throw some runes with you. Like me.

Ok I just found this picture on Pinterest and can't get enough of it. If you are buying gifts for your cat friend, go ahead and print this out and - ta da - instant card! Sign your name on the back, draw up a few cartoon cat paws, and there you go. Perfect DIY. 1. Print it. 2. Done.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June Filofax Inspiration

One of the searches that keeps me on Pinterest for longer than I care to admit while I'm laying in bed before I fall asleep is definitely Filofax. Daily planners are one of my biggest weaknesses and I love seeing how people decorate their weekly calendars in their Filos or kikki. K journals. I've put together my top nine favorite inspirational pics for this month for you so I won't be alone as Iday dream about how beautiful I'll try to make my diary next week.

Love the simple use of these cuuuute little bunnies. I really love those short rectangle bunny post-it notes with the to-do lists. From @filocuteness.

There is that bunny to-do list again! Where?! I need it! I also loooove the little bunting strands "hanging" at the top of this week layout. Great idea. From @cre8tivecre8tions.

The gold! The handwriting! The adorable little drawings. This is .. amazing. Her handwriting along is killing me. From @thedailyroe.

The colors are so pretty in this, but ... do you see the stripes in that calligraphy?! The word "pizza" has never looked so beautiful. Definitely gives me something to work for. Almost lost because of all the script - the cute wood grain tape AND those side tabs!! EDIT: Thank you to the comments, this image is from Instagram user @kikkinetter. xoxo.

The cloud insert is definitely killer. I'm curious about the page inserts, though - do those come standard with this kikki.K journal?! I love the big numbers, the different colored font .. halp! From @threadofhearts.

Sorry that it's a little blurry, but I wanted to show you the full effect. This pastel is my number one thing in the world right now. I need that kikki.K planner. In that big size. Big size!! Also, I want Little Twin Stars binder clips. These inserts are way cute and she gives info on where to find them on her blog, Coloursnme.

I have this type of Filofax - Metropol Personal - but in a different color. This lavender is so pretty, though, I wish it was mine. And all those tabs and pages in there! Looks so worn and perfect. From My Filo World.

What! Look at this free form journal. There are no set day rectangles - it's so much more like a sketchbook than a planner. The drawings, again, are just too much for me to handle. From flickr.

This was the one that started it all. The skinny washi is just the best. I love using it. All I need, though, is the pen that is used to write on it. I still just use a thick sharpie! From Inside The Crafter's Studio.

Here is my Filofax board on Pinterest - it's filled with all the best stationary, planners, and writing utensils that I see on Pinterest.  I have a board for washi, too.
Monday, June 23, 2014

What I Wore: Notes of Floral

I bought a floral kaftan when I worked at heartbreaker months ago and I finally took the tags off today. I loved how it looked in the store but never could find the right outfit for it. I took it out of my closet this morning, though, through it over a lacy black dress, and it turned out just fine.

I also bought a new app for my phone - Genius - which has a pretty cool photo timer on it, so I played around with that outside when I got home from work. I haven't had a chance to look at the rest of the app, but I liked the timer part of it!

What photo editing tools do you use on your phone? Kate from Scathingly Brilliant recently posted a review of her favorite apps on her blog, which is where I found out about Genius.
Wednesday, June 18, 2014

FINISHED PROJECT: Crochet Dream Catcher

I'm a sucker for craft magazines that come with kits to complete a little project. (I'm looking at you, Mollie Makes!) So when I saw this issue of Simply Crochet, a lovely UK-based crochet magazine, that came with a pack to make a neon-pink dream catcher, I just had to have it.

It was a super fun and easy project -- the only thing that was a bummer was that the beads that the kit came with (cute little turquoise ones!) had too small of holes for me to thread the yarn through. Maybe I don't know enough tricks, but I skipped the beads and I think it still looks fine.

The magazine has tons of other really cute projects and patterns, so I definitely recommend checking it out! Also - I placed the dream catcher right above my computer at work. You know, in case I dose off at my desk. (!!! Kidding!)

PS - Love the prints on my cork board? Me too! Visit the LoveTeacupKisses Etsy to get some of your own. 
Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Peko-Chan and Me

I love Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, and Kumamon as much as the next girl, but - my favorite Japanese character has got to be Peko-Chan. Peko is the mascot for the Fujiya - a chain of confectionery stores and a candy company. Her brown pigtails and cute little tongue sticking out is very iconic in Japan. And I love her! Here is a collection of all the Peko goodies that I treated myself to during my trip to Japan.

In the top picture I'm holding a bag of Fujiya's Milky candy. (The bag matches my iPhone case!) Directly above is a photo of one of the candies. The Milky treats are just that - creamy, milky pieces of candy, with a texture like a semi-soft caramel.

Mark and I also loved this Milky Chocolate candy that I bought at the 7/11 one, two, three times during our trip. Super creamy and delicious - it was a great snack with black coffee. I want this right now...

Another reason why I love Peko so much is that Fujiya stores around Japan have a mini-Peko statue outside their doors. During different seasons and holiday events, she changes her outfit. This bunny one is so so so cute!

Both of these photos are me with Peko at the Nakano Broadway location of Fujiya. Do you like my kimono!? That was from my day with my friend Nao-chan, who (with the help of her mum!) dressed me up in a traditional kimono. I'll make a post later of our day together, but here is one more little peek:

Maddy and Nao eating soybean ice cream at the Shinjuku Station. Mine is matcha and hers is vanilla. Speaking of Nao..

After our kimono day together, Nao gave me this gift. She had collected all of these Peko Chan charms over the years and decided that she would like me to have them, along with the tin she kept them in. Isn't that the most generous, wonderful thing you've ever heard?! I couldn't believe it. The tin included two sets that she collected - one of Peko-Chan wearing outfits of different countries and another set of Peko-Chan dressed up for different jobs. There's also a bridal Peko-Chan!

 I was so happy that she had given me this gift, especially after giving me such a special day with the kimonos. Nao was a wonderful friend that I met in Japan! She also took us on a tour of Shimokitazawa - her hometown - and I will post more about that in another blog entry. We ate natto donuts! 

Nao and Maddy <3

I also found a cute Peko-Chan section at Kiddyland (one of my favorite stores to visit in Tokyo) - it was hard to choose, but I ended up buying a mini notepad from that shop. (Also pictured in this: a deco-tape roller from Swimmer La Floret and some devil-y rings from Closet Child Shinjuku.)

Lastly - I found this Peko-Chan deco tape roller at LOFT in Shibuya! Cute! Also, some Little Twin Stars sticker tabs and a couple rolls of MT washi tape. LOFT was a lot of fun, if not way overwhelming...

So what do you think? Do you love Peko Chan like me? What is your favorite piece of Peko merchandise that you've seen? I'm off to go buy some Milky candies off of Amazon!
Monday, June 16, 2014

Something Old, Something New...

When you get engaged, you will be soon faced with many questions about your wedding planning and decisions. As you get closer to the actual date, though, the choices for your four somethings become increasingly more interesting, so you better have a good idea for what you will do for this bridal tradition so you have an answer! Thankfully, I had all of mine decided pretty early on (a blue wedding ring makes life easy!) - besides the "something borrowed." For that something, just ask around - your family or future in-laws will be more than happy to temporarily donate a keepsake of theirs to play an important part of your day!

Here are the four things I chose to be my four somethings and what made them so special.


In spring of 2013, my Grandma Flowers passed away. As we were cleaning out her apartment, I came across the prettiest, hand-beaded, ivory colored clutch. I knew the second that I saw it that I wanted to use it for my wedding - it would be a nice reminder of my grandma, who I wish could have been at my wedding, and it would be the most special something old. You can see the bead and sequin detail at the top photo in this post and directly above is the clutch in action in between the ceremony and reception. Inside the bag has a tag that says "Handmade in Hong Kong," which leads us to believe that my Grandpa Flowers got her the bag while he was in the navy.


This something was very easy: my dress! I wonder how many brides use their dress as their something new. I was in love with my dress, along with the new belt (pictured in the top photo) and veil. All three items came from David's Bridal. The very first time we visited David's Bridal, I tried on maybe 8-10 dresses, and I loved this one. With the bottom extra tulle that we got to go with it made it the perfect about of fluffy, and all the bead and lace details made it that much more special. Here is a photo where you can see the detail of the top (as well as the belt and veil) even better.


My borrowed item came from Mark's sister Christina. She let me wear her beautiful pearl earrings. Her husband gave her the pair as a gift on their first Valentine's Day as a married couple. I thought it would be such good luck to have that keepsake with me all day long. This something, by the way, is my most curious one - please comment and let me know what your something borrowed was!


My beautiful blue ring! My something blue has become one of my favorite things in the entire world since the second Markie gave it to on top of the Metropolitan Government Center in Shinjuku. It came from his grandmother on his mom's side, who was an antique collector. The white gold makes it look so vintage and I think it fits perfectly on my hand, knobby knuckles and all. I had to get it resized once and while it was away getting smaller, I kept checking my finger in fear that I lost it. It felt so strange to constantly wear a ring on that finger once I had it, but I got used to it immediately that it feels unnatural if I ever take it off. 

So there you go! I love all of my somethings! I'm still deciding if I want to do something special with my belt, but for now, it's tucked away safely with my shoes, muff, and clutch. Another tradition that I kept that day was a penny in my shoe, but ... unfortunately no photo of that! It was weird!

What were your somethings? What are your favorite decisions that you've heard of before? I love hearing the stories, so please comment to let me know!

All photos (besides the very top) were taken by my wedding photographer, Jennifer Palmer.
Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cosplay Reference: Adventure Time's Princess Bubblegum Hair Guide

Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time has the most glorious pink locks (very reminiscent of the beautiful ALB in Wonderland) that are always on point. Generally, she wears her candy-colored hair down - long and flowing - but there are many times where she she sports a different do. If you want to dress up as PB for your next convention, costume party, or just for fun, I've put together a collection of pictures that I've come across featuring all her hairstyles. Enjoy!

[ all images from Adventure Time Wikia ]

Left: Princess Bubblegum in "Video Makers"
Right: Peebles in "You Made Me"

Left: PB in "What Was Missing"
Right: Little Princess Bubblegum in "Mortal Recoil"

Princess Bubblegum in "The Creeps"

This is my favorite! So cute, PB!

Bonus: Baby Flame Princess

PB's grungy look in action. :3

Zombie Bubblegum. 

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