Thursday, September 24, 2015

Maddy Lives!

A main rule I tried to follow while writing on my blog was to never, ever, ever apologize for not posting in a while, buuuut... I feel like this absence at least deserves some acknowledgement! Well, what happened between last December and now? WELL! As mentioned in the last post, my internet data situation at home is still the same, so uploading lots and lots of pictures isn't necessarily do-able at home! Looks like I promised to take my laptop to a cafe once a week to work on the blog. That definitely didn't happen ever.

Since I've posted last, I've definitely missed working on this. Having a blog like this is so fun to just work on little by little, planning out posts weeks at a time, and stockpiling entries in advance. I want to come back! Maybe rebrand a bit ... take "WEDDING" off of the sidebar as a main subject. I feel like everyone who gets married feels like they want to be a wedding planner after their big day - I definitely did - but, that wore off and all those Pinterest boards are most definitely unsubscribed from my feed. :)

So, what have I been doing? Let's see:

  • Crafting, of course. 98% crochet, with a few felt cacti (seen above) in between. I've been working on a granny square blanket since about February.
  • Working, like most people, I suppose. We've just started our busy season at work, so re-starting my blog today is not, like, the most feasible, but I do what I want, soooo.

  • Dancing! I'm in my second year of teaching belly dance at a studio in town and I love it soo much. I'm still with my belly dance troupe, too! Classes just started back up on the 9th. 
  • Running! Not as much the past month or so, but this spring through early summer, I trained for and ran a 5K! Definitely something I was very proud of. Running was awesome for both my body and brain. Well, maybe not like, my back, shoulders, and neck. Or knees and feet, or whatever. But, it was great for my HEART and brain. Running is a lot tougher on your body than I realized. 

  • Last month, took a fun, though too short, trip to Colorado with my dad and sister! 
  • I'm about halfway through Mad Men, which is all I can think about lately. I thiiink I just got past the mid-point of season four. I'm extremely tardy to the party, but at least I showed up, right? 
  • Also, I've seen Mad Max Fury Road in the theater 9 times. A notable part of the year. 

Anything else? Baby foxes, more crochet, Korean food, washi tape, kitty cats, Monster Hunter 4, Game of Thrones, new cars, coffee drinking, acupuncture, Tsum Tsums... the usual stuff. I hope to come back and talk soon! I've already started a list of posts that I want to work on. <3

xoxo, Maddy


  1. Looove that you're posting!! I think 9x is a serious accomplishment. ;)

  2. Looove that you're posting!! I think 9x is a serious accomplishment. ;)

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